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Home at The Met Store Here is an example of the abstact art of the Cyclades, although the figures were painted at the time and thus less appealing to our modern taste, probably!

Posted in Ecommerce | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Beautiful inuit soapstone sculpture. In Ottawa’s Museum of Civilisation, there is an ancient carving of an ‘ukpik’ (snow owl) in white soapstone so lightly and subtly done, you feel like looking at a metaphor of silent flight .The ‘Cyclades … Continue reading

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Mel Kadel Delicate drawings and paperwork from Mel Kadel. It is full of light nonsense and caustic charm. Is the character exploring the book, living in it or trying to escape?

Posted in Drawing | Tagged | Leave a comment Lovely site, full of photographic art at its best.

Posted in Photography | Tagged | Leave a comment Mesmerizing picture :you feel like stopping everything and start to think about infinity. Too bad this is an ‘orphan’ image, with no further link.I can’t say wether this is painting or digital art.

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The Woolgatherer by KatHannah on Etsy The paintings of KatHannah are lively and poetic, with attractive colours: thank you again, Painting! Note:I like the title of this one!

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Dennis Buckman Dennis Buckman metamophoses his photographs for the special effects and emotions he wishes to convey .This one is called ‘Farm Comet’;I especially like the expressive balance between centripede curves and outspreading lines: an explosion of light after the comet? … Continue reading

Posted in Photography | Tagged , | Leave a comment Bemired meditation perhaps ;) ,but fascinating abstract paintings on this site,by James Roi.

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Welcome to Laurin Rinder’s site: a must if you enjoy painting and photography (with a very pleasant musical background). Some of the landscapes’ photographs have been metamorphosed into abstract forms .I particularly enjoyed these as well as the actual abstract paintings.

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digital view – photoblog by martin draschl Martin Draschl photoblog is highly creative: unusual angles and light, subjects going from landscape to people and macro; beautiful abstracts.

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: Photo by Photographer iaia gagliani – Iaia Gagliani’s portfolio shows a great mastery of light and lines ;highly elegant and refined images. The reference was found on AliciaKeys’pages, thank you!

Posted in Photography | Tagged | Leave a comment For the curious mind, here is where I found the reference about wooden books in the 18th century . By the way, it is one of the richest book about our collective memory I ever read. We don’t discover … Continue reading

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Fun Forever – Luxury fun is affordable for everyone! & Green Would the book’s title be about grass husbandry,this would achieve what the 18th century did with the ‘xyloteques’ (wooden books; botanical volumes about beeches would be printed on beech tree leaves with binding from the same wood ).An alliance … Continue reading

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Panoramas More links can be found on this page about click and drag panoramic photography.

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SPI-V Panorama: Autumn View Leopoldsberg,Vienna Do you wish to really feel standing on a hill, looking at Vienna down below? See this site of the panoramas’photographer Bernhard Vogl.You click and drag and you’ll be the eye in the landscape!Quite astonishing.

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Craig Kosak paintings – Arbor Italia Here is an unexpected mixture of realism and abstraction ( Arbor Italia )- a bit overwhelming but riveting; a very hot day in Italy indeed.I don’t remember where I picked up the site,at Painting‘s again probably!

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Error: No Such Username – StumbleUpon Interesting!The caption is a bit sad though (‘Anywhere else’).Zembot’s site is full of originality and you can surf in her universe on her own choice of songs (The Doors, Led Zeppelin, Enya, Eminem…)Thank you Ggene for rating this blog!

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fiatbrat70s reviews – StumbleUpon Woudn’t you like to row a boat there, in the mornings’ silence, hearing only water sounds ( and mosquitoes ;) )? This picture is taken from FIATBRAT70, Louisiana, whose reflections are also interesting: thank you!

Posted in Stumblers | Tagged | Leave a comment I finally found a painting of Giorgio Morandi (1890-1964,Bologna),about whom I was talking about Jan.31(see ‘Loretta Lux’).The italian sites call him:the painter of silence; it might apply to Loretta Lux photographs also I think. (Someone wrote-sorry,I don’t remember where- … Continue reading

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