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John Bellany. The Fright 1968. 183 x 183 cm, oil on board. Artists Collection. Very convincing expression of fear and, I think, a nightmarish allusion to ‘the Scream’ of Munch : ‘The Fright’, John Bellany, 1968. Extraordinary.

Posted in Painting | Tagged , , | Leave a comment ‘Soul Mountain’, 2000, also from Gao Xingjian who got a Literature Nobel Prize on the same year. This image is a wonderful illustration for his book ( same title), where a demultiplied character is looking for his lost soul … Continue reading

Posted in Webhosting | Tagged , , | Leave a comment About 10 years ago, I stumbled upon an unusual painting exhibition in Avignon (France). Unusual because the place was the gothic Palais des Papes ( Popes’Palace, 14th c.) and the art was ink and brush and ricepaper. VERY large … Continue reading

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yashayohs reviews – StumbleUpon An art blog full of character ! Wonderful! ( image: Anita Hunt ).

Posted in Stumblers | Tagged | Leave a comment From Hiroshige ( 1797-1858 ), ‘Maple Leaves at Tsutenryo’. Do you see what I meant below? To be seen at

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Shitaos reviews – StumbleUpon Also from Shitao, a contemporary backyard metamorphosed into a timeless place, with Hiroshige-like hues and lines. The effect is of great serenity .

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Union Pacific railroad line Boonville Missouri at sunrise….. | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Superb gradual range of shadows with the tracks leading to the light. A photograph of a fellow-SU blogger and artist Shitao, thank you very much for sharing your art.

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3dfiction – Fractal Animations, iPhone Video Wallpaper, Windows Dreamscene ‘Abstract Affinity’, a crystal iceberg from some inhuman aquatic world. 3dfiction aka Serdar Camlica creates quality digital art .Do enlarge them on the site, quite striking! See also the dreamlike videos for animated background, also in these blueish grey … Continue reading

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slwrs reviews – StumbleUpon Attractive blog , full of photographs chosen with love!

Posted in Stumblers | Tagged | Leave a comment From the same artist Louis Le Brocquy (Dublin 1916, see below), this ‘Life Story’, also from the ‘Ancestral Head Series’. We seem confronted with moving fragments of humanity, surging from cubical backgrounds, perhaps alluding to the many facets of … Continue reading

Posted in Painting | Tagged , | Leave a comment This head does seem to emerge from the canvas, doesn’t it? Note that nothing seems vague about it: there is strenght and precise definition of the image here. Fascinating work, in Louis Le Brocquy’s ‘Ancestral Head Series’1964-1975. Title: ‘Ancestral … Continue reading

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Art21 . Slideshow | PBS I like the transparency effect on this collage ( again! ), it gives depth to the piece and the feeling that you can go farther through all that blue. Mark Bradford, ‘On a clear day I can usually see … Continue reading

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Patty Hawkins: Textile Artist – New Work Another collage artist, using dyed silks. Patty Hawkins,’Aspen Grove 2006′, seen on the ever rich blog of maletti.

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the nonist Made of 1200 stamps! The patience of the man! His name is Hsueh Shao-Tang, one of Picasso’s commensals . Read it all on The Nonist’s -alas closed- remarquable blog, from which this ‘Wild Mongolian Horses, 1973’ comes from.

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