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Olympus BioScapes International Digital Imaging Competition | Image Gallery – 2008 A superb site of scientific photography. This one got the second prize in this year competition. It is an agate (and petrified wood), by Thomas Shearer (Duluth,USA); he used polarized light. Do enlarge it on the site!

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Lanpher PhotoBlog Keith Lanpher is a professional advertisement photographer. His blog is full of gems like this one. The blur gives almost an inky wet effect. ‘Beach Drive’,October 24, 2006. Another one from the same blog :’Candles’ (December 13,2006). I don’t … Continue reading

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Shapes of Grey | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Fascinating geometry and lightplay! ‘Shapes of Grey’ by Carlo Ilmari. Did he overprint a black line along the ‘windows’?

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All sizes | LÃ¥ngbryggan | Flickr – Photo Sharing! ‘Langbryggan-From Here to Eternity’ ( it means ‘long bridge’ in swedish I think), a photograph by Tienna. I love this geometrical reflection.

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Mists of Dettifoss | Flickr – Photo Sharing! ‘Mists of Dettifoss’ , beautifully enhanced – “aged photo” and “a bit of curves”, says its author, Rod the Rabid Rodent (!) .

Posted in Arts | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Illusion of softness in this marble work of Susan Abraham. Title: ‘Pressing Thoughts’.

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Black Stone Arya sculpts marble, bronze and clay . A little too exuberantly for my taste, but there is a fluidity here that I like. Her site is beautiful, take your time and enjoy the music! A clay piece by the … Continue reading

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Sculpture of Ya&l-Artsi ‘In the Beginning’, Yael Artsi, 2000. Indian Red Granite. Roughness and smoothness; flux and stillness: all this creates a tension that gives life to the stone.

Posted in Sculpting | Tagged , , | Leave a comment “An odd little carving”, says the site’s comment,”her breasts are the tail fin”. ‘SeaShe’, like most of the First Nation’s sculptures, illustrates a story, usually from ancient legends. In this case,I think Knicki (Calgary, CDN) chose the tale of … Continue reading

Posted in Fine Arts | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Brigit Kooijman sculpts mostly figurative or vaguely abstract soapstones. This one is called ‘Hearts’; it doesn’t appeal much to me. What I like here is the stone itself, with its creamy white whose layers play with light.

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Yoshin Ogata – Sculptor Yoshin Ogata, ‘Mindscape3’,2006. I love these neat contrasts, and the well-chosen photo’s background .

Posted in Sculpting | Tagged , , | Leave a comment Fantastic colours! Tiziana Priori paints on refined handcrafted nepalese paper (with herbs, foliage…)and glues it on rough iron scraps.

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Sarah Moon “Le Petit Chaperon Rouge” (Little Red Riding Hood), Sarah Moon . Sarah Moon (France, 1941-)was a former model turned commercial photographer, when in 1987 she launched her first personnal exhibition; she is also a movie maker (Mississipi One,1990). Her … Continue reading

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Horvatland – Frank Horvat Photography: Entre Vues – Eva Rubinstein The construction, and the black and white contrast lead us to concentrate on a story. Unusual subject, a little mysterious (this is not a baby; is she playing with a doll ? she looks too old ; and what … Continue reading

Posted in Photography | Tagged , , | Leave a comment I am struck by this harmonious alliance of the white museum’s curves and the rusting steel ones . Richard Serra in the Bilbao Guggenheim Museum. This museum is the work of Frank Gehry ( Toronto,1929-). Superb, and in industrial … Continue reading

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self portrait in ink | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Rebekka Gudleifsdottir ( who invites apples to levitation, see below ), is not only a photographer; I rather like this ‘Self-Portrait in Ink’.

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J. CACCIOLA GALLERY Dennis Wojtkiewiecz, ‘Lemon Serie n°12’. This hyper-realistic painting reminds me of an opposite proceeding from a photographer who tries to recreate Old Masters’settings and atmosphere in his images: Ira Buikova, Lemonade. It is not uncommon to find such nostalgy … Continue reading

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2Amarus reviews – StumbleUpon 2Amarus has an eye for the unwonted and a strong sense of humour. The result is a very pleasing mixture of images and short comments. I’ve enjoyed myself here, thank you! Languid ‘Ice Men’ unaware of their mortality ( … Continue reading

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Beauty Holding Back Time by Donato Barcaglia | BEARDED ROMAN Look at the textures! ( the beard, the cloth…). Donato Barcaglia (Italian, 1849-1930) La Giovanezza che Tenta di Arrestare il Tempo ( Beauty Holding Back Time ).The sculptor was only 27 years old. For spectacular enlargement, have a look … Continue reading

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Michel de Broin – Black Whole Somebody with a sense of humour! ‘Black Whole Conference’ 2006, Michel de Broin (Montreal 1970). The author used 72 chairs for this installation. I like the comment:”The reorganization of matter derives from a `big bang’ where the ancient order … Continue reading

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