Beauty Holding Back Time by Donato Barcaglia | BEARDED ROMAN

Look at the textures! ( the beard, the cloth…).

Donato Barcaglia (Italian, 1849-1930) La Giovanezza che Tenta di Arrestare il Tempo
( Beauty Holding Back Time ).The sculptor was only 27 years old.
For spectacular enlargement, have a look at

No less expressive in its stark focalisation on essential meaning, this work of Brancusi: ‘Muse’1912.

From the page: “Brancusi’s marble Muse is a subtle monument to the aesthetic act and to the myth that woman is its inspiration. The finely chiseled and smoothly honed head is poised atop a sinuous neck, the curve of which is counterbalanced by a fragmentary arm pressed against the ear. The facial features, although barely articulated, embody the proportions of classical beauty”.

Brancusi’s style brings cycladic heads to my mind.

A third style, that touches me very much in its calculated rawness is Elisabeth Lenoir’s.

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