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Notre-Dame – Henri Matisse Paintings Henri Matisse, ‘Notre-Dame ( A Glimpse of Notre-Dame in the Late Afternoon)’, 1902 -Paris.

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Wim Delvoye – Past Auction Results In my last post, I was talking about asian artists mixing ancient and modern cultural references. It made me think about the sulfurous inventive belgian artist Wim Delvoye. In his ‘Gothic Works’, he links well-known icons of art history … Continue reading

Posted in Arts | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment Contemporary Korea again with this Lego-on-plywood work. Inkie Whang, like many asian artists it seems to me ( see Jao Lu, also Bae Bien-U, Don Hong-Oai and Chin-son Long) wishes to link tradition and modernity. He found his inspiration … Continue reading

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Frey Norris Gallery | Koh Myung Keun Koh Myung Keun (Korea, Seoul 1964-),’Air 4′, 2007. The author calls this ‘Box photography’. From the pages: “Koh transforms two-dimensional photography into a vehicle for holographic three-dimensional constructs through a process he has invented, using hot stitching and high … Continue reading

Posted in Arts | Tagged , , | Leave a comment The Korean art exhibition in Brussels (see yesterday’s post) shows several very large photogaphs of Bae Bien-U from the Sonamu series. I wrote about it last september. The confrontation with the real thing is quite an experience though. The … Continue reading

Posted in Biographies | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Yesterday, at a Korean art exhibition in Brussels (Le Sourire de Bouddha – Buddha’s smile), I stayed mesmerised by this particular Pensive Bodhisattva (Korea, 7th c.AD). The room was dark and quiet, the light isolated the gilt bronze statue … Continue reading

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Surfacing | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Interesting experiment:’Surfacing’, by Nomm (see also second post below). From the site:”Lyrical abstract painted for the camera with watercolors on a liquid surface…”. Captured impermanence.

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Bridget Riley & Mishabittleston Op-Art again, and without any computer: Bridget Riley (London,1931-)used PVA (polyvinyl acetate) on this painted canvas ( to ensure brilliance I guess; any chemist around? ). ‘Cataract’ 1967.

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Folds in Space #85 | Flickr – Photo Sharing! Beautiful simplicity. The caption on the site says: “folded and mirrored toilet paper”. The photographer : Rein Nomm (nomm de photo on Flickr). Thank you so much, Maletti!

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Bathsheba Sculpture – Interpretations Mathematics inspires the sculptor Bathsheba Grossman. This elegant piece was made from one of her designs by a company (DMS Somos, 2002) using stereolithography (computer-directed laser on liquid plastics). I like the result; it is a remarquable laser’s feat, … Continue reading

Posted in Jewelry | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Art and mathematics are joined here for remarquable optical illusions. ‘El Camino’, 2008, Ghee Beom Kim (Sydney, Australia). It reminds me of this illustration where the lines are hiding a Mona Lisa figure (start at the hands, below): (credit:from … Continue reading

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The Optimist by ~ValveHouse on deviantART ‘The Optimist’ by James Perdue (ValveHouse on deviantArt). Well observed!

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Jane Fulton Alt A photographer I like for her use of light. Jane Fulton Alt, ‘Pool’ image, printed on 4 layers of fabric and floating in the wind. It gives a dreamy quality to her art. See other images of hers here … Continue reading

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Yao Lu@Paris Photo | Mode, images, pop culture A classical chinese painting? It might seem so, until you discover that the ‘mountains’ are actually a garbage site. Yao Lu creates photographical illusions based on traditional chinese painting’s subjects , to underline our contemporary problems. He got recently … Continue reading

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