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Yue Minjun (Heilongjiang province,1962,lives in Beijing), Untitled, no date.

I don’t particularly enjoy this poster-like style, but the artist strongly influenced chinese painting in the years 1990 .

From the site’s main page:
“Cynical Realism is an artistic trend that evolved as an aftermath of the 1989 student demonstrations in Tiananmen and the closing of the “China Avant Garde” exhibition at the China national Gallery in Beijing…
Yue Minjun’s art with its humor, cynicism, emphasis of strong vivid colors and the centrality of the individual displays all the common characteristics of the movement of Cynical Realism.”

By the way, more than four millions euros was the price paid recently for his painting ‘Execution’ (that’s 2.932.500); everybody in that picture seems to find the scene screamingly funny, half-naked condemned men included – true, there is no gun, only menacing gesture, like kids in their playground. Very sarcastic (that’s what I like).

(In this french speaking blog, Pierre Haski compares Yue’s ‘Execution’ to Manet ‘Execution de Maximilien’ (of Austria, in Mexico; painted in 1867).

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