The famous yellow cow of Franz Marc (‘Gelbe Kuh’,1911). He shared Kandinsky’s ideas about colours and in the same year they created the Blaue Reiter group (blue rider).

From the site:”For Marc, different hues evoked gender stereotypes: yellow, a “gentle, cheerful and sensual” color, symbolized femininity…The frolicking yellow cow, as a symbol of the female principle, may be a veiled depiction of Maria Franck, whom Marc married in 1911….”.
We’ll never know the painter’s intentions.

The jubilant warm colours are obvious though, the large, frontal and more luminous yellow mass with its strong curves clears all the angular darker obstacles far below; the whole landscape jolted (do you see the black trunks pointing to different directions?).
And that merry sporting cow stays happily lost in her dream , eyes blissfully closed.

Such tonic painting!

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