Frantisek Kupka (1871 – 1957) — Artbite

Here are some sunny paintings for a grey autumn day!

Frantisek Kupka (Czech,1871-Paris,1957), ‘La gamme jaune’ (yellow scales),1907, a study of yellow (fauvism). The greenish hues of the head gives it a hallucinated look though!

(ref:click on image)

The painter wrote a theory about lines and colours,and is “probably one of the pioneers of abstract art” according to the site.
Kupka aims at expressing volumes by juxtaposing colours. It creates a soft geometry that is very harmonious, I think.

Frantisek Kupka, ‘Plans par couleurs’, 1910-11 (planes-3D-by colours).

He used the same technique here, in ‘The Musician Follot’ (1910-11):

(MOMA,ref:click on image).

This research of his led him to abstract, prismatic creations (‘Cathedral’,1913; click on image for reference;it is a paper (author?) about links between colours and music, another interest of Kupka’s).

Now, guess why these parisian buildings were called ‘Kupka Towers’? (La Defense district).

(photo:Nicolas Janberg,2008,’Tours Kupka & Japan Bridge’ – click on image for reference).

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