Max Ferguson | Portfolio of Works | &Tailor&

Max Ferguson,’Tailor’,2003, a pencil drawing.
From the pages:” (the artist)capture(s) a vanishing urban scene in and around New York”.

Typical of Ferguson are his hyper-realistic paintings
like this ‘Doll Hospital'(2005, oil on panel).

But I also like the peculiar atmosphere of this earlier painting: ‘Reservoir Self-Portrait”, 1986 (oil on panel).

Somehow the light in ‘Reservoir’ made me think of William Degouve de Nuncques’ paintings (a symbolist, Belgium,1867-1935), despite the lack of sharpness of the trees in the shadow in the following work.

‘La maison du mystere'(mystery house).

All my thanks to Johnshaven for the link to Max Ferguson’s site!

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