Empty corridors, empty rooms, empty souls: a no-life in soft grey elegance. Genevieve Dael (Paris 1947-).

I find interesting that her titles for three landscapes on this site allude to ontological uncertainty (‘L’azur noir’- black azure; ‘Entre chien et loup’ – nor day nor night; ‘Entre ciel et terre’- nor earth nor sky).

Dael, ‘Dehors, la vie’ (life is outside).

Dael, ‘Dans la penombre’ (half-light). The characters seem to be waiting without any interest in the outcome , very passively.

I believe that this indifference towards life characterises Dael’s interior scenes.
At first I thought her works were very similar to Vilhem Hammershoi’s ones. (He is a Danish painter (1864-1916), often called “the painter of silence”.)
Both artists use a muted palette. Both show us sparely furnished fashionable rooms with few people.

But the woman on Hammershoi’s canvasses is often seen occupied, reading or sewing ; light is pouring through the windows; some butter is left on the table, a piano is open and waiting : life might seem muted, but is very present. We simply are intruders.

Hammershoi, ‘A Woman sewing in an Interior’.

Hammershoi, ‘Interior’, 1903-04.

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