Monthly Archives: September 2010 Wayne Levin (Los Angeles 1945-), ‘Column of Akule’, ‘Fish School’ serie . (Hawai’ian fish, also known as “big-eyed scad”. ) Between order and chaos … animal order and human chaos. ‘Approaching Swimmers’,’New Images’ serie.

Posted in Photography | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment Robert Longo (New York 1953-), untitled (Backdoor Pipeline,Hawaii,Spring 1999); the work date is 2000. That deep black and its harsh contrast with the white paper builds a menacing image of the sea. Even the low tide looks dangerous. ‘On … Continue reading

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zp1 Chris Ellinger, Marina. Here is a very soft-focus contemporary image thanks to the medium: a zone plate camera (using diffraction like the pinhole, instead of refraction like lenses). A fascinating play with light and shadow, haziness and precision; look … Continue reading

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Antiques and the Arts Online – Japanese Art’s Influence On American Artists At Sept. 7 Lecture At The Clark Edward Steichen, ‘Moonlit landscape’, 1903, or “the art of painting softly” . These well-chosen terms were the subtitle of a past exhibition at the Clark’s Museum, Massachussets, about tonalist painters like Whistler, Inness and also Steichen. Steichen tried to … Continue reading

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PERIGUEUX journal et développement de sites internet à Périgueux, en Dordogne – Périgord, le pays du foie gras et de la truffe By Edward Steichen (see post below), this ‘Pond-Moonlight’ (1904) is characteristic of his dreamlike early photography. I first mistook it for a painting! The colouring is handmade (he used light-sensitive gums; source:wikipedia).

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Art/Museums: Edward Steichen at the Whitney Museum and Joanna Steichens book, &Steichens Legacy& I looks very contemporary doesn’t it? But ‘Matches and Match Boxes’ is a 1926 photo by Edward Steichen ( Luxemburg 1879, Connecticut 1973). This was a fabric design for Stehli Silks. You can read in the essay that Steichen … Continue reading

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PHOTOS- Philippe Mo&s, photographe animalier: ardenne nature Philippe Moes, Belgian agricultural engineer born in Lumumbashi,Congo, in 1972. The African and Belgian Ardennes flora’s and fauna’s are his favourite subjects. I particularly like the graphism of these ones (it is all about lines, volumes and contrasts). Quiver … Continue reading

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Site officiel de la R&publique de Cor&e MIN Byung-Hung,Korea (born in Seoul, 1955), no title. This traditional photographer is very famous for his developing techniques; the site (in french) declares he is an expert on the grey shades. Incredible isn’t it? It looks like a traditional … Continue reading

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Beinecke Rare Book and Manuscript Library: Digital Images & Collections Online An amazingly rich collection of rarely seen images coming from rare books or manuscripts: papyrus,portolan charts,tibetan newspaper,Romanov family album, Voynich manuscript… even six minutes from a 1929 silent film featuring pet monkeys, ‘Monkey’s Moon’, made by three writers Kenneth … Continue reading

Posted in Databases | Tagged , , , , | Leave a comment The loneliness of things once loved. Galina Loukyianova, serie ‘Dom-2′(house),1981-1987, picture 7/27. Link found through Snezanabr (see post below), thank you so much!

Posted in Photography | Tagged , , , | Leave a comment If you don’t know Snezanabr yet (and even if you do!), go and have a look at her pages. You will find beauty, poetry and deep feelings. This photograph by Galina Loukyianova is a good example. I coudn’t resist … Continue reading

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The Hereford Photography Festival – introduction A very symbolic ‘Twirling Wires’ from the serie ‘Shadow Chamber’ by Roger Ballen, a South-African geologist turned photogapher. He was born in New York ,1950. More images here ( and in-depth analysis in both english and french).

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