Robert Weingarten

Here are two portraitists, and the first one portrayed the second one. It seems to me that the photographer thinks like a painter ( adding and substracting this and that), whereas the painter acts like contemporary photographers (the pixellisation)!

Robert Weingarten, New York, 1941.
I rather like these digital photographic “collages”. The artist builds portraits by showing different facets of his subjects.

From the pages: “Weingarten has created photographs that are highly sophisticated digital compositions of imagery that allude to specific interests, achievements or moments within the subject’s life.
The result is a unique and compelling composite of images which describes the subject through biographical rather than physical information.”

From the serie “The Portrait Unbound:Chuck Close”, 2007.

Chuck Close (1940-)is an American painter, mostly known for his hyperrealistic portraits.
He recently turned to pixellisation (in oil on canvas), as in ‘Maggie’,1996, below.


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