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René Magritte, The Future of Statues, 1937.

            Rene Magritte, ‘The Future of Statues’, 1937, and children interpretations  (Tate blog).   “I can see it in my eyes; I can see the white clouds in the sky and a blue sky in … Continue reading

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Esther Horn, painter.

      Esther Horn is a German painter (1965-).       Travelling in blue, then a sudden light…         Esther Horn.’Don’t see you’, 2008, oil on canvas. You’re in a car. At night. Half-asleep. It … Continue reading

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Blue Grotto by Melba Dailey

        Melba Dailey, ‘Blue Grotto’, 1970.     Metals, gemstones.              

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More Blue: The Reed Flute Cave in China.

              Some more blue, anyone?       China, Guanxi Province, Guilin, Reed Flute Cave.   Photographer: Michel Soms, 2010. The blue light is artificial (and you can see a lamp in the low … Continue reading

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Blue Grotto (Grotta Azzurra) in Capri, Italy .

        The Blue Grotto in Capri (Naples’ Gulf, Italy).         Is it really blue?             ancient postcard, no date.               Carl-Friedrich Seiffert, 1809-1891. … Continue reading

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Italy, Tomb of the Diver at Paestum –

          Back from an immersion in Southern Italy’s culture, I am bringing this simple but striking image from a tomb recently (1968) discovered around the archeological site of an ancient (6th-4th BC) Greek colony : Poseidonis … Continue reading

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Jean-Pierre Hebert, a pioneer of computer drawings.

            Jean-Pierre Hebert, France 1939, lives in California.           ‘Fractured Landscape’. Pen and acrylic ink on paper, 2004.               ‘Laque Noire’ Pen and ink on … Continue reading

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Karen Kitchel, painting with precision.

            Karen Kitchel (USA).               ‘Dormant Grass 7’     Oil on wood panel.                  

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Dave Hakkens, inventor.

          Dave Hakkens, a fabulous inventor from the Netherlands, whose creativity seems boundless and touched by more than a zest of humour ( see his chewable pens, kiwi flavour anyone?!). Thanks for the link, Frannyy ! … Continue reading

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Nnenna Okore, a Nigerian tactile artist.

            Nnenna Okore, Nigeria, from the exhibition Ulukububa (Infinite Flow). From the pages: ” (her) art is inspired by the use of found objects, and by close attention to natural textures and forms. Using basic … Continue reading

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Dominique Fajeau, abstract landscapes.

            Dominique Fajeau, Toulouse, France. One feels like scratching an icy window perhaps, in order to discover frozen, luminous  landscapes where all is not blue…             Oil on canvas, no … Continue reading

Posted in Painting | Tagged , , | Leave a comment Park Sung-Tae, Korea 1960. Fragile existences and their shadows. Our life? ‘Love’, aluminum mesh 2003 Untitled (man and woman), stainless steel 2006.

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