Desiree Holman: Masks, Avatars and Self.






Desiree Holman (1974,California) is an interdisciplinary artist and video specialist.






From her Statement of Purpose (2009):
“The driving question is this: what do games of make-believe,
like the ones I create in my work or the ones created in multi-user online games or elsewhere,
tell us about human desire, behavior & values in the `real’ world?

Stated differently, what can
we recognize about ourselves by peering into alternate fantasy worldscapes?”.






A living avatar of self.




Hollman Desiree,Masks1,Conduits of fantasy serie,2007
‘Masks (Conduits of Fantasy) 2’, 2007, ‘Magic Windows’ serie.Colour pencil on archival paper.








A painted incarnated mask.




‘Agamemnon’ 2011,colour pencil, from the serie ‘Heterotopias’.









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