Xavier Verhoest : the world’s fragility.




Xavier Verhoest, Belgian born in Congo (1964, ex Zaire), lives and works in Nairobi.

From the pages: “Many of his works are entrenched in his experience of war zones or with groups in the margin of the Kenyan society. He has created a broad range of work responding to the events, emotions, and relationships that have filled his life. These are works that mediate on universal themes of mortality, fragility, and the natural world.”




‘Deposit of Silence 3’



Mixed media on photography, 2010.








‘Les larmes de la mer’ (the sea’s tears).




Mixed media on photo, 2003-2006 serie.








Verhoest Xavier,L'arbre memoire (III) WPft,mixed media on paper, 29x21cm,2011

‘L’arbre -memoire’ (the memory tree), 2011, mixed media on paper.








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