Andreas Gursky , b.1955, Germany. ‘Rhein II’.




Andreas Gursky |



‘Rhein II’, 1999 ( 2m/4m) can boast beeing the most expensive photograph ever sold (at Christie’s last week, for 4.34 M dollars).

When I first saw it , in small size, I didn’t like the photo at all. Too flat, and the kind of abstraction, I thought, that painters imitators of Mark Rothko produced in the late fifties.

I was wrong.

I saw the picture on a large double page of a newspaper this morning. There is texture in there: the grass in front looks shaggy, the second band seems made of soft green clusters and one could mistakeĀ  the last ones for some quick watercolour brush strokes.

The variety of greens and greys in succession show plenty of quiet rythm. A very peaceful image.






Gursky Andreas, 'Rhein II', 1999









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