Hiding in plain sight.



Photo credit: Liu Bolin 刘勃麟 – Photography of China.

Have a peek at this site for more photos and trilingual pertinent commentaries (French, English, Chinese).






Liu Bolin is a sculptor, performance artist and  photographer born in China (1973).  He became famous for his camouflage pictures of himself in front of controversial or typical city sights throughout the world.

He even influenced the last Sprite advertising campaign!

Note on the picture below where the artist’s head is touched by the painted slogan: brain and mouth. This apparently innocuous image has a deeper meaning, alluding to the permanent political bath in Chinese society.
One could also imagine , since the character stands on the right and Chinese reading goes from right to left, that the slogan really invades individual privacy…but gets lost soon after ;)







When slogans annihilate individuality…

Liu Bolin, 'Unit to Dash Ahead', 2006, Camouflage et slogan by Liu Bolin, born in 1973, China.

‘Unit to Dash Ahead’ (the title translates the ideograms), 2006.






From the Sprite campaign, 2012.  Teenagers are urged to express themselves, away from  conformity.  It was made in the city of Prague.

Source –  Photo : Pour son dernier spot de pub, Sprite s’est inspiré des technique de camouflage de Liu Bolin.









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2 Responses to Hiding in plain sight.

  1. Once says:

    I took enormous delight, by the way, in stealing the Chinese photograph from your site to replace the one I had originally posted for my poem about art. I suspect that it would be all right with you, but since I didn’t ask, I thought it only fitting that I should mention my pilfering to you….so that my soul does not fry in guilt for being so bold….

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