Strange Sculptures in a Field.






artist’s site:

Bernard Langenstein.






Bernard Langenstein is a French photographer who lives and works in Lyon.

He creates strong, poetical images from the industrial or agricultural worlds.  The farmer built an ephemeral wall in his field with his plastic-enveloped hay . The artist played with light and transformed these incongruous shiny objects into a work of beauty.









Bernard Langenstein, ‘Balles’ (balls of hay).  Click on picture for a bigger image.







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6 Responses to Strange Sculptures in a Field.

    • louvain95 says:

      When I was a child, the haystacks in the fields looked like big straw huts, and they mingled harmoniously in the landscape.
      Nowadays,with automatisation, hay is wrapped into black or white shiny plastic. It looks like abandonned garbage.
      I admire artists able to create beauty out of unexpected, even shocking objects.

  1. colltales says:

    When I see them in upstate New York, I have a kind of instant regression to childhood, comparing them to giant marshmallow packs, ready to be eaten by some enormous farm creature. A holy cow?

  2. “Holy cows…..” my vision of round bales in fields….forever altered!! Smiling…..

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