A Geometrical Pleasure in Black and White.



Artworks of Aleksandr Rodchenko (Russian, 1891 – 1956) on MutualArt.com.





Aleksandr Rodchenko was a multi-talented creator and one of the  Russian Constructivists – these artists were enthusiastic about the revolution and believed that  art should be practical and help building the future. They favoured geometrical lines and influenced the architecture of the time.

Rodchenko himself was a painter, sculptor, photographer and costume designer for the theater. He also made some collages.







The oblique construction,  the diagonal formed by the characters and their shadows, the black and white contrast of the steps is a pure visual pleasure and gives considerable dynamism to an apparently very simple image.

‘Stairs’, 1929, silver gelatin.








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2 Responses to A Geometrical Pleasure in Black and White.

  1. penpusherpen says:

    captivating, … as one might think stairs to be plain and boring, these are alive… with a story of their own. xPenx

    • louvain95 says:

      Yes, and their story would be built from so many snippets of life, all the stories of their climbers…;)
      Thank you for your creative comment, Pen, it excites one’s imagination! Lou

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