I am leaving SU and moving to Categorian under the same name: Louvain95.








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Junkculture: The Tire Art of Wim Delvoye






Wim Delvoye and his ‘Pneus’ (tyres) serie.





Aaaah the irony of it ! That is an art unto itself. Thank you for the gift, Frannyy!













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Xavier Verhoest : the world’s fragility.




Xavier Verhoest, Belgian born in Congo (1964, ex Zaire), lives and works in Nairobi.

From the pages: “Many of his works are entrenched in his experience of war zones or with groups in the margin of the Kenyan society. He has created a broad range of work responding to the events, emotions, and relationships that have filled his life. These are works that mediate on universal themes of mortality, fragility, and the natural world.”




‘Deposit of Silence 3’



Mixed media on photography, 2010.








‘Les larmes de la mer’ (the sea’s tears).




Mixed media on photo, 2003-2006 serie.








Verhoest Xavier,L'arbre memoire (III) WPft,mixed media on paper, 29x21cm,2011

‘L’arbre -memoire’ (the memory tree), 2011, mixed media on paper.








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NIGRO. Spanish Abstract Expressionist Painter.


Francisco Casariego, aka “Nigro”, Spain, Oviedo 1919-2010.

I like thinking that the painter constructed his lines and colours surging from the dark the way a builder raises his timber. Both can imagine lights, depths and doors linked to the structure they create.






Nigro aka Francisco Casariego, Oviedo 1919-2010, Amarillo sobre negro 1999,acryl,99102c
Untitled’Amarillo sobre negro‘ (yellow on black), 1999, acrylic on canvas.




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Agnes Cordiez painting – The sensitivity of blurred shapes.







Agnes Cordiez (Brussels 1946).



A twilight zone, where recognizable shapes are slowly shifting towards abstraction.


No title,  from gallery 1.








Cordiez Agnès,gal2,peinture-09

No title, gallery 2.








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Everything I need to know about liquid wood





Islets of liquid wood?






liquid wood,greendiary dot com slash liquid-wood

photo’s source
(wikipedia: a thermoplastic material made from natural fibers)






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Barry X Ball


Barry X Ball, 1955, USA.




I think the stone is the main attraction here, gorgeous!








Barry X Ball,Purity,honeycomb calcite,2008-9,w16_1033x689

‘Purity’, 2008-2009. Golden honeycomb calcite, stainless steel. That particular brand of calcite is only found in Utah.








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THOMAS LEROOY . Sculptures: classical, heroïc statues revisited.





Thomas Lerooy, 1981, Belgium.






Lerooy Thomas,controversy_-2011,bronze
‘Controversy’, bronze, 2011.



From the pages: “The heroic pose of each statue stands in stark contrast to the bizarre attributes they are laden with. Evidently, the process of decay has already started to affect the sculptures: some statues seem to melt away while others appear to have been repeatedly perforated or split in half. The heroism has, in other words, deteriorated into tragic degeneration: Thomas Lerooy transforms the sculptures’ aura of eternity into perpetual decay. ”









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2011 june 3. Alfredo Longo, a Belgian sculptor and recycling artist.


Alfredo Longo, Mons (Belgium), 1960. The artist’s site: here.








From nuts and bolts: the art of recycling!


Number 28 from the expressive serie ‘Taureaux’ ( bulls).








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2011 june 1. Hans, aka Jean, Arp, Germany-France (Alsace) 1886-1966.





The sensuality of curves…


‘Coquille formee par une main humaine’ (handmade shell), plaster, coating, 1935.

© Musée Pompidou, France.








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Scientific Illustration | The lichens by Ernst Haekel.






Scientific Illustration‘ via MisterGoofy, with my thanks . Go on, be curious!





When scientific illustrations were a work of art…




Illustration of lichens from Ernst Haekel’s ‘Artforms of Nature’, 1904.







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Stéphane Thidet — Installations.






Stephane Thidet, Paris, 1974.






Fragments from a lost past…A re-creation.











No title, 2010 ‘( Je crois qu’il y avait une maison, et il me semble y avoir vecu )’ – I think there was a house, perhaps I lived there.








‘La crue’, 2010 (the flood). Poplar tree, nails.









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Vincent MAUGER – Installations, dessins.





Vincent Mauger, France 1976.

Click on “Dossier presse-Press Release” on the site, you will find much more of the artist’s work in pdf.








No title, digital drawing in a serie dated from 2003 to 2010.








“The Undercroft”, Brighton 2008, OSB (Oriented Strand Board).










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Arian Camilleri (Bangor, Maine 1977, lives and works in New York),  ‘Atmospheres’.



“What if…you were floating off, going into the atmosphere…” (A. Camilleri, statement, freely interpreted.)








photo,Camilleri Arian,9_black-white-027654_o

Please click to enlarge.






photo,Camilleri Arian,liquid-artworks,sfumato








photo,Camilleri Arian,grey-027595-Edit_1200

Click to enlarge.






photo,Camilleri Arian,USA1977,075-liquid-artworks



(and, Frannyy, thank you so much, again! )








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Tara Donovan Stunners at Two Chelsea Pace Galleries in NYC.






Tara Donovan, New York, 1969.






You certainly remember her styrofoam papercups:



Untitled, 2003.








In this new , huge installation, she also plays with polyethylene, light and reflection.

Untitled, 2011, detail.








The 2011 whole installation.










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mark davies sculpture






Mark Davies.  Many thanks, Frannyy!






Title: ‘Kudu to you’ (!)

Urethane, cadmium.









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Sergey Maximishin, un photographe sous pression






Sergey Maximishin (Crimea 1964).






“Send In The Clowns”

( Judy Dench)








In St Petersburg,dec 2001.
I discovered this remarkably expressive photographer in Johnshaven‘s pages, thank you!








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Nelly Agassi, installation.





Nelly Agassi (Israel 1973).  She studied in London and lives in Tell Aviv.  ‘I am the one’ she claims on her site’s front page…







A Hemispher in her Hair (Baudelaire, ‘Le Spleen de Paris’).





‘Valerie’ 2011, perspex and ruban.








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Gerald Dederen – Sculptor







Gerald Dederen, Belgium 1957, lives in Brussels.






Original needlework, do not touch!




‘Sculpture epingles soudees’2005 (welded needles).









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LISA JONES, laser-cut organic shapes.







Lisa Jones (GB, lives in Australia). She creates objects in organic shapes by laser cutting.





Jones Lisa,laser cutting,sigmoïd wings,ScreenHunter_01 Feb. 06 19.19


‘Sigmoids Wings’, 2007. Laser cutting, wood.





Jones Lisa, Morphing,laser cut acrylic,hanging,2009ScreenHunter_03 Feb. 06 19.28

Laser cutting , acrylic.








Jones Lisa,MorphingII,2009,laser cut acrylic and paperScreenHunter_01 Feb. 08 18.50

‘Morphing II’, 2009, laser cut acrylic and paper.





© images: Lisa Jones.








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