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http://hubpages.com/hub/Review-A-Look-at-Five-Abstract-Paintings How to ‘feel’ abstract art and look at Rothko’s squares as you would at the ocean and the horizon’s line. Brilliant vision. Lita Sorensen:”The experience of (Rothko’s) paintings, I feel,(is)visceral. The colors suggest feeling; the space a grand scope…leading … Continue reading

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Craig Kosak paintings – Arbor Italia

http://www.craigkosak.com/arbor-italia.html Here is an unexpected mixture of realism and abstraction ( Arbor Italia )- a bit overwhelming but riveting; a very hot day in Italy indeed.I don’t remember where I picked up the site,at Painting‘s again probably!

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Photography Masters Cup& | The International Award Honoring Color Photography

http://www.thecolorawards.com/2006presentation/gallery/photoshow/nominations/2_abstract/pages/02_39_05_Mushenko-Christian_embrace.htm Hypnotic. One becomes part of all that blue; still, the horizon keeps calling.

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