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R&union des mus&es nationaux

http://www.photo.rmn.fr/cf/htm/CDocZ.aspx?o=&DT=ALB&E=2C6NU0K6983J&Pass=&Total=27&Pic=2&SubE=2C6NU0KX32L7 Keystone, Cluny Abbey, Paris ; 13th century and forever modern. Serene equilibrium, curves and lines. photography:Jean-Gilles Berizzi.

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http://artnews.com/issues/article.asp?art_id=2884&current=True Superb copper head, Ife kingdom, Niger River basin (West Africa), between the late 14th century and the early 16th. Pure copper, lost-wax technique.

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Emotion In Art ©

http://emotioninart.wordpress.com/ “A little history of emotions in art” is how this site presents itself. It is an abundantly illustrated catalog from the smiling angel of Reims cathedral to the angry Japanese No mask, from antiquity’s works (Pompei) to nowadays’comic strips … Continue reading

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Johann_Heinrich_F%C3%BCssli_008.jpg Johann Heinrich Fussli, Zurich 1799-GB 1801, ‘The Silence’ 1799-1801. A simple and very expressive figure by a painter who is usually prone to excited exuberance. Thank you, sparkerly!

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