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THOMAS LEROOY . Sculptures: classical, hero├»c statues revisited.

        Thomas Lerooy, 1981, Belgium.           ‘Controversy’, bronze, 2011.     From the pages: “The heroic pose of each statue stands in stark contrast to the bizarre attributes they are laden with. Evidently, … Continue reading

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CBC News – Ottawa – Artist Louise Bourgeois dies

http://www.cbc.ca/canada/ottawa/story/2010/05/31/bourgeois-louise-spider-sculptor-dies.html The French sculptor Louise Bourgeois just died in New York at the age of 98. A couple of years ago, I met her very impressive ‘Maman’ (mummy), a giant spider (30ft tall) in bronze standing along the National Gallery … Continue reading

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http://www.sculpture.org.uk/work/000000100446/ Tony Cragg, ‘ Bent of Mind’, 2005. One coudn’t imagine putting this sculpture anywhere else than outside, where the ever-changing light must create a perpetual metamorphosis.

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ARTISTS – Carl DAlvia

http://www.derekeller.com/images/works/dalvia/CD_Robot.html Who said mundane objects coudn’t be art? With a little make-up, of course… A little lost funny furry ‘Robot’, Carl D’Alvia, 2007.

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http://www.nationalsculptorsguild.com/materials/artwork/jpegs/box/geometry_of_light15.jpg A bronze sculpture. I like the idea of rumpled metal.

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http://www.artnet.com/Galleries/Artwork_Detail.asp?G=&gid=423962312&which=&ViewArtistBy=online&aid=13656&wid=425936491&source=artist&rta=http://www.artnet.com/ag/fulltextsearch.asp?searchstring=rosenbaum Some striking ‘Bananas'(what else!), 2008, a bronze sculpture by Luis Montoya and Leslie Ortiz. I found the link on the promising pages of fourteenth, thank you.

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Volante 2 – Sculptor.org

http://www.sculptor.org/sanabria_volante2.html Wonderful floating movement of this bronze on copper piece by Robert Sanabria. Almost a pity that the greyish granite base breaks the fluidity ‘s impression. One would wish for this bronze flight to be born from an amorphous piece … Continue reading

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