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Playful Camouflage.

  Sources: Blanca Berlín Galería presenta la exposición ‘Latidos’ | Paseo por el arte. Search Results • Humboldt State University.           One can play hide and seek for many reasons: psychological, political (see previous posts) or … Continue reading

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Psychological camouflage. When fading into the background has literal meaning.

Edouard Vuillard, France 1868-1940, ‘Interieur, mere et soeur de l’artiste’, 1893 (interior, mother and sister of the artist). Oil on canvas. Click on the picture for a very large image.           What is striking you here?  … Continue reading

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Hiding in plain sight.

    Photo credit: Liu Bolin 刘勃麟 – Photography of China. Have a peek at this site for more photos and trilingual pertinent commentaries (French, English, Chinese).           Liu Bolin is a sculptor, performance artist and  … Continue reading

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