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Crystaldishs reviews – StumbleUpon

http://crystaldish.stumbleupon.com/review/39529534/ Expressive picture I snaffled from Crystaldish, many thanks! ‘Snow Falling in Edinburgh’

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G2K – Galerie 2000

http://www.gallery2000.ca/lephoto.php?pid=1044&id=31&cat= To be admired after a couple of wine glasses for intensifying effect. Patrice Ahrweiller, 1945-, ‘L’attente, Carre St-Louis’ (waiting, St Louis neighbourhood, Montreal).

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Your Weather: Frosty – The Weather Network

http://www.theweathernetwork.com/your_weather/details/620/1905010/manitoba/upload/ After a few weeks of this cityscape (-30c..!), I was rather excited to return to Belgium, its mild temperatures and green landscapes . This is what I found:

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Paul Balmer

http://www.ardengallery.com/Balmer/paul_balmer.htm Scratches and pale colours make this painting look like a worn-out mural, as fragile as the ephemeral yellow light at dusk. I love it. ‘Blue Dusk’, 2009, Paul Balmer (born in South Africa, educated in Australia and living in … Continue reading

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