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Selena Kimball, collages.

      Selena Kimball, born in Maine, lives in New York.       I like the collage very much; I’m a bit sorry for the old Dore’s book though; his illustrations are wonderful.         Series … Continue reading

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http://www.patrickhughes.co.uk/gallery/eyewitness07.htm A surprising work, half-painting (oil), half-sculpture, and with a touch of irony: Patrick Hugues (Birmingham 1939),’Eye Witness, 2007′. The artist declares himself influenced not by Magritte’s style, but by his provocative thinking. ‘Eye Witness’ confronts us to reality and … Continue reading

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Shunsaku Hishikari

http://www.l-usine-galerie.org/hishikari/hishikariexpo.html Syunsaku Hishikari creates a timeless gallery of people with his newspaper collages. It seems at the same time precise (see the hands of some characters on the site; also the classical ‘group photography’ presentation), and at the same time … Continue reading

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Art21 . Slideshow | PBS

http://www.pbs.org/art21/slideshow?slide=1430&artindex=172 I like the transparency effect on this collage ( again! ), it gives depth to the piece and the feeling that you can go farther through all that blue. Mark Bradford, ‘On a clear day I can usually see … Continue reading

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Patty Hawkins: Textile Artist – New Work

http://pattyhawkins.com/Pages/NewWork.html Another collage artist, using dyed silks. Patty Hawkins,’Aspen Grove 2006′, seen on the ever rich blog of maletti.

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the nonist

http://thenonist.com/index.php/thenonist/2008/06/P2/ Made of 1200 stamps! The patience of the man! His name is Hsueh Shao-Tang, one of Picasso’s commensals . Read it all on The Nonist’s -alas closed- remarquable blog, from which this ‘Wild Mongolian Horses, 1973’ comes from.

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http://img162.imageshack.us/my.php?image=00951fa85gs6.png The fragmented world of Rosalie Gascoygne (Auckland 1917-Canberra 1999) ,in the same Roslyn Oxley Gallery. “Poplars”.She deconstructs objects ( here, roadsigns- and, beyond the aesthetic, their beeing signs and reflective doesn’t seem without meaning ) to rebuild them in … Continue reading

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http://www.malettigianfranco.it/maletti_000004.htm Fascinating use of tissues and colours , where the artist plays with opacities and transparencies .Have a look on his blog as well, full of unusual references ( collage).Thank you.http://www.malettigianfranco.it and for his blog on Stumble: maletti

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