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http://www.guggenheimcollection.org/site/artist_work_lg_98_5.html The famous yellow cow of Franz Marc (‘Gelbe Kuh’,1911). He shared Kandinsky’s ideas about colours and in the same year they created the Blaue Reiter group (blue rider). From the site:”For Marc, different hues evoked gender stereotypes: yellow, a … Continue reading

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http://www.polad-hardouin.com/fr/expositions/ibrahim_shahda_la_rinascita-54/autoportrait_au_visage_marque_de_rouge-1169.html Full of violence, the movements of colours almost obliterate the person, who becomes under our eyes a metaphor of desperate vitality surging from darkness. Ibrahim Shahda (Egypt,1929-France,1991) was fighting against cancer since 1975 when he painted a serie of … Continue reading

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John Bellany. The Fright 1968. 183 x 183 cm, oil on board. Artists Collection.

http://www.studio-international.co.uk/studio-images/bellany_06/fright_b.asp Very convincing expression of fear and, I think, a nightmarish allusion to ‘the Scream’ of Munch : ‘The Fright’, John Bellany, 1968. Extraordinary.

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