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Nelly Agassi, installation.

        Nelly Agassi (Israel 1973).  She studied in London and lives in Tell Aviv.  ‘I am the one’ she claims on her site’s front page…             A Hemispher in her Hair (Baudelaire, … Continue reading

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Regard Intuitif – Triennale Italia

http://www.regardintuitif.net/pages/archives292d2008.html After weeks of canicular weather highly propitious to deep meditations (lounging under the wisteria with thick paperbacks and iced something -no, not beer, only bubbly water), winds are turning. The British Isles are sharing their dripping clouds with us … Continue reading

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Jane Fulton Alt

http://janefultonalt.blogspot.com/ A photographer I like for her use of light. Jane Fulton Alt, ‘Pool’ image, printed on 4 layers of fabric and floating in the wind. It gives a dreamy quality to her art. See other images of hers here … Continue reading

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On Black: A Little Psycho by My Name is Merle [Medium]

http://bighugelabs.com/flickr/onblack.php?id=2322396939 Here is an enlarged view of a silk figure made by Eva Aeppli (Omaha USA exhibition). We all wear our scars.

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http://www.agoravox.fr/article.php3?id_article=8505.php3?id_article=61 They are not skeletons – just. They are alive – just. They are terrifically expressive : we are contemplating our inner painful solitude here, huddling together but locked in ourselves. I’ve been musing upon this picture since two posters … Continue reading

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