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A Geometrical Pleasure in Black and White.

    Artworks of Aleksandr Rodchenko (Russian, 1891 – 1956) on MutualArt.com.         Aleksandr Rodchenko was a multi-talented creator and one of the  Russian Constructivists – these artists were enthusiastic about the revolution and believed that  art … Continue reading

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BOZAR – Cobra &Cie

http://www.bozar.be/activity_gallery.php?id=8291 Serge Vandercam, Belgium, 1924 -2005, member of ‘Cobra’ in the fifties. Broken bars, but prison and prisoner are one. ‘Le Prisonnier’ (the prisoner), 1970, aquatint and drypoint.

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LAutruchon – Léon Spilliaert, Vertige (1908)

http://autruchon.tumblr.com/post/1210739864/leon-spilliaert-vertige-1908 Leon Spilliaert, Belgium, 1881-1946, ‘Vertige’ (vertigo), 1908. Hazy landscape, uncertain soul…

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Gerco de Ruijter

http://www.gercoderuijter.nl/ Gerco de Ruijter (The Netherlands, 1961) explores the highly geometrical Dutch landscape from the sky, using a helio-blimp camera ( or even a fishing rod sometimes!). Nature versus Culture. A very organised landscape.

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http://doates.com/ Denese Oates (Australia), ‘Ad Infinitum’. From the pages: “(she) is a Sydney-based sculptor who has been exhibiting for over thirty years. Her sculptures are often a mass of intertwined copper wires fashioned into abstracted organic forms, each piece beautifully … Continue reading

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Bridget Riley & Mishabittleston

http://www.mishabittleston.com/artists/bridget_riley/ Op-Art again, and without any computer: Bridget Riley (London,1931-)used PVA (polyvinyl acetate) on this painted canvas ( to ensure brilliance I guess; any chemist around? ). ‘Cataract’ 1967.

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Bathsheba Sculpture – Interpretations

http://www.bathsheba.com/gallery/interp.html Mathematics inspires the sculptor Bathsheba Grossman. This elegant piece was made from one of her designs by a company (DMS Somos, 2002) using stereolithography (computer-directed laser on liquid plastics). I like the result; it is a remarquable laser’s feat, … Continue reading

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http://geometricarts.googlepages.com/home Art and mathematics are joined here for remarquable optical illusions. ‘El Camino’, 2008, Ghee Beom Kim (Sydney, Australia). It reminds me of this illustration where the lines are hiding a Mona Lisa figure (start at the hands, below): (credit:from … Continue reading

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http://img360.imageshack.us/my.php?image=spidro12inf3f6ff23hd2.png Here is a curious geometrical pattern:the spidron; it is a plane figure, alterning equilateral and isosceles triangles .To be discovered at http://www.szinhaz.hu/edan/SpidroNew/spidro12inf.htm. This site was found by art0007, thank you.

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