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Shayna Leib, Glass Artist – Sculptural Glass Art

http://www.shaynaleib.com/glass-sculptural/crivetz.php Shayna Leib (USA), ‘ Crivetz’, 2008. The site explains the signification of the title :”A cold, northeasterly blizzard wind in Romania”. One does feel that cold blizzard doesn’t one?!

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Wishie Series by Denis Brown

http://quillskill.com/wishies/wishies.html Rayliffe24 is chirping again, and sharing quality art chosen with loving care and enthusiasm. This is a tonic blog , and each page is an exciting surprise. Thank you for sending me this Denis Brown’s calligraphic glass piece, Ronnie! … Continue reading

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Calligraphy by Denis Brown

http://www.quillskill.com/frameset/frameset.htm A beautifully presented piece of calligraphy mixed with glass engraving .Worth to click on , and see details.Thank you, gavinski for leading me to Denis Brown’s calligraphy.

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