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Hiding in plain sight.

    Photo credit: Liu Bolin 刘勃麟 – Photography of China. Have a peek at this site for more photos and trilingual pertinent commentaries (French, English, Chinese).           Liu Bolin is a sculptor, performance artist and  … Continue reading

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Agnes Cordiez painting – The sensitivity of blurred shapes.

            Agnes Cordiez (Brussels 1946).       A twilight zone, where recognizable shapes are slowly shifting towards abstraction.   No title,  from gallery 1.               No title, gallery … Continue reading

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Flowers Galleries: Artists – John Kirby

http://www.flowersgalleries.com/artists/118-artists/3800-john-kirby/ John Kirby, Liverpool 1949, ‘Lost Child’ 1998. A disturbing, androgynous child. The characters portrayed by the artist look at you so impenetrably that they seem half alive. Kirby paints things unsaid, secrets, and deep loneliness. Haunting.

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Waddingtons& & Joyner Waddingtons Canadian Fine Art Auction & 22 November 2010

http://joyner.waddingtons.ca/articles/highlights-nov-1995/ Jean-Paul Lemieux (Quebec,1904-1990). The first picture comes from the November page of my Canadian calendar. I love that vast snowy landscape with the solitary child in a sunny coat. It doesn’t seem to warm her up. She looks lost … Continue reading

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http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Johann_Heinrich_F%C3%BCssli_008.jpg Johann Heinrich Fussli, Zurich 1799-GB 1801, ‘The Silence’ 1799-1801. A simple and very expressive figure by a painter who is usually prone to excited exuberance. Thank you, sparkerly!

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Claudio Parmiggiani chez Pierre Retelet : illustrations.

http://www.art-memoires.com/lmter/l4951/50il_parmiggiani222.htm Claudio Parmiggiani,Torino, ‘Sans titre’ (no title),2004. Smoke and soot on wood .Photo:L.Mascherpa. This is also unusual. The artist plays with smoke and some objects. He obtains then ghostlike shapes that are photographed. An exhibition called ‘Claudio parmiggiani, l’empreinte comme … Continue reading

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Fondation Georges Rouault

http://www.rouault.org/site/images/popup/cirque/petite_magicienne.htm Georges Rouault (Paris,1871-1902) ‘Petite magicienne, Cirque de l’arc-en-ciel’ (young magician, rainbow circus), 1948-49. Rouault trained as a stained-glass artist, hence his habit of outlining objects and characters in thick black. It transforms the very real characters into symbols. From … Continue reading

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Art Realization China – Online Galleries

http://www.artrealization.com/galleries/main.php?g2_itemId=44 Yue Minjun (Heilongjiang province,1962,lives in Beijing), Untitled, no date. I don’t particularly enjoy this poster-like style, but the artist strongly influenced chinese painting in the years 1990 . From the site’s main page: “Cynical Realism is an artistic trend … Continue reading

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http://maxprotetch.com/main.html?id=13&show=5 Another representant of the ‘Cynical Realism’ movement: Fang Lijun (Hebei province,1969). After Tien An Men, his style matured into ironical depiction of impotent individuals. No title, 1998.

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Art Galleries – Contemporary and Modern Art Galleries on artnet

http://www.artnet.com/Galleries/Artwork_Detail.asp?G=&gid=3279028&cid=100614&which=&aid=424252060&wid=424521135&source=exhibitions&rta=http://www.artnet.com/Galleries/Artwork_Detail.asp?G=%26gid=3279028%26which=%26ViewArtistBy=online%26aid=424252060%26wid ‘Don’t Fence me In’,2006, a drawing full of irony by Scott Hunt (USA).

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Creative Pool Art + + + Luc Tuymans

http://www.creativepool-compensis.de/mood_art/tuymans.html ‘Suicide’,1975, an early Luc Tuymans. In a grey world, a lonely figure with black clothes emprisonning him like a strait-jacket. He has no face anymore, his head is still moving (the pencil circles), but but the face has already … Continue reading

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Hanneke Beaumont – Sculptor

http://www.hanneke-beaumont.com/detail.php3?from=sculptures&pos=18&origin=sculpture.php3 Did we break our mould to become these anonymous figures with vacant stare? Hanneke Beaumont (The Netherlands, 1947; lives in Belgium), ‘Terra Cotta 36’, 1997. Thank you for the link,Twixel!

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ernst barlach – Google Search

http://images.google.com/images?sa=4&imgc=&imgsz=&q=ernst%20barlach Ernst Barlach, an expressionist sculptor (1870-1938), whose art was condemned by the nazis as “degenerate”.

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http://www.polad-hardouin.com/fr/expositions/ibrahim_shahda_la_rinascita-54/autoportrait_au_visage_marque_de_rouge-1169.html Full of violence, the movements of colours almost obliterate the person, who becomes under our eyes a metaphor of desperate vitality surging from darkness. Ibrahim Shahda (Egypt,1929-France,1991) was fighting against cancer since 1975 when he painted a serie of … Continue reading

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Igor Melnikov PORTRAITS None melnikov russian conteporary art

http://www.melnikovart.com/detailCtl.cfm?InventoryID=481 This is a human head carefully drawed, but not a portrait. There is a story left for us to imagine, a mystery hidden under the straw hat. It looks like an overturned nest, and a lost youngster. Igor Melnikov … Continue reading

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