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Junkculture: The Tire Art of Wim Delvoye

          Wim Delvoye and his ‘Pneus’ (tyres) serie.         Aaaah the irony of it ! That is an art unto itself. Thank you for the gift, Frannyy!             … Continue reading

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Dave Hakkens, inventor.

          Dave Hakkens, a fabulous inventor from the Netherlands, whose creativity seems boundless and touched by more than a zest of humour ( see his chewable pens, kiwi flavour anyone?!). Thanks for the link, Frannyy ! … Continue reading

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Kate Leiper &8226; Artist and Illustrator

http://www.kateleiper.co.uk/marvelousparty.html I found these deliciously ironical illustrations while browsing through the links of the equally humorous pages of our fellow stumbler AirToob. “Fun Stuff”, “Beautiful Stuff”, “Interesting Stuff”: Brian’s very organised pages are a real treat; and if you are … Continue reading

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http://www.michaeldelucia.com/fencemops.html Since the provocative Marcel Duchamp’s ‘Fontaine’ (fountain,1917), contemporary artists have been playing with ready-made objects more or less successfully; if the shifting significations’ game is strongly linked to a sense of humour, it might work I think ( but … Continue reading

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Impressions fugitives [& chaque jour, sa photo]

http://www.fugitif.net/if/772/index.php Some sculptures to start the year with a smile! This baby hiding in a linen basket stands near the public fountain in Huy, a small city some 30 km from mine. The photographer, Hugues Van Rymenam, offers a one-picture-a-day’s … Continue reading

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The Optimist by ~ValveHouse on deviantART

http://valvehouse.deviantart.com/art/The-Optimist-19440849 ‘The Optimist’ by James Perdue (ValveHouse on deviantArt). Well observed!

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http://img158.imageshack.us/my.php?image=23a148e4mt4.jpg Ah ah ah ! Richard Bram, at: http://www.in-public.com/RichardBram/image/1495 , another link from Meisnotme (see below).

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