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Selected PaintingsChair Series

http://www.adasadler.com/_/Paintings.html Ada Sadler (USA), ‘Bathtubbie Collection n77’. She offers a variety of chairs also. Everything looks very lonely, like discarded polaroid pictures. This artist paints banality with a flair.

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Tom Seghi

http://www.ardengallery.com/Seghi/tom-seghi.htm Here is THE ‘Yellow Pear’ (2007), Tom Seghi (lives in Miami). There is a choice of exemplary lemons and apples too on the site, but the painter seems to mark a distinct partiality to waxed pears, including very decorative … Continue reading

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&James Rieck | Management

http://www.jamesrieck.com/management.html ‘Management’ (2008) standing on gold, a very symbolic yellow floor ! The painter is James Rieck (Pennsylvania 1965, lives in Baltimore).

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