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Site officiel de la R&publique de Cor&e

http://french.korea.net/multimedia/artist_review.asp?slide_no=44&part=&category= MIN Byung-Hung,Korea (born in Seoul, 1955), no title. This traditional photographer is very famous for his developing techniques; the site (in french) declares he is an expert on the grey shades. Incredible isn’t it? It looks like a traditional … Continue reading

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http://www.freynorris.com/artwork.php?aid=15&PageNum=12 Contemporary Korea again with this Lego-on-plywood work. Inkie Whang, like many asian artists it seems to me ( see Jao Lu, also Bae Bien-U, Don Hong-Oai and Chin-son Long) wishes to link tradition and modernity. He found his inspiration … Continue reading

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http://www.learn.columbia.edu/mnemosyne/item.cgi?id=16868&template=defaultPop&table=items Yesterday, at a Korean art exhibition in Brussels (Le Sourire de Bouddha – Buddha’s smile), I stayed mesmerised by this particular Pensive Bodhisattva (Korea, 7th c.AD). The room was dark and quiet, the light isolated the gilt bronze statue … Continue reading

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