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Strange Sculptures in a Field.

          artist’s site: Bernard Langenstein.           Bernard Langenstein is a French photographer who lives and works in Lyon. He creates strong, poetical images from the industrial or agricultural worlds.  The farmer built … Continue reading

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The official website of Nuri Bilge Ceylan photography

Nuri Bige Ceylan is an awarded cineast and photographer from Turkey. These photos were taken when looking for films’locations. I don’t remember which Russian poem about a snowy scene ended by the word “tichina” – “silence”. This is what I … Continue reading

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Esther Horn, painter.

      Esther Horn is a German painter (1965-).       Travelling in blue, then a sudden light…         Esther Horn.’Don’t see you’, 2008, oil on canvas. You’re in a car. At night. Half-asleep. It … Continue reading

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Gerald Peters Gallery | Exhibitions

http://www.gpgallery.com/exhibitions/view/164 J Henry Fair , industrial waste (fertiliser), Bartow, FL. When the landscape looses any natural aspect and becomes abstraction.

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Golden Well : Fine Art : Transient Light

http://www.transientlight.co.uk/photo.php?id=278&gallery=fineart Ian Cameron, ‘Golden Well’. From the page: ” I found a number of these little golden wells at the base of a waterfall in Kinlochourn. Where the water had filled them they were almost irridescent but around the edges … Continue reading

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Gerco de Ruijter

http://www.gercoderuijter.nl/ Gerco de Ruijter (The Netherlands, 1961) explores the highly geometrical Dutch landscape from the sky, using a helio-blimp camera ( or even a fishing rod sometimes!). Nature versus Culture. A very organised landscape.

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Agence VU – Bernard Descamps

http://www.agencevu.com/photographers/photographer.php?id=27 Bernard Descamp is a former French biologist turned photographer in the seventies. I love the delicate, symmetrical graphism of this landscape; the thin vertical lines seem to float in the air; the soft grey of tranquil waters are one … Continue reading

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fran&ois goffin – photographies

http://www.francoisgoffin.com/FR/photo.php?gallery=4&numPhoto=0 The portfolio is called ‘Les choses simples’ (simple things). The word that comes to mind is also serendipity; the photographer seems to stumble upon an appealing everyday scene and click on the button. Simple, perhaps, but full of poetical … Continue reading

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Imageshack – 26oct2010unmatinofumela.jpg

http://img819.imageshack.us/f/26oct2010unmatinofumela.jpg/ The wind blowed misty wisps downriver early this morning. It transformed the landscape into a romantic postcard.

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http://www.ellingerphoto.com/ZP14.html Chris Ellinger, Marina. Here is a very soft-focus contemporary image thanks to the medium: a zone plate camera (using diffraction like the pinhole, instead of refraction like lenses). A fascinating play with light and shadow, haziness and precision; look … Continue reading

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Antiques and the Arts Online – Japanese Art’s Influence On American Artists At Sept. 7 Lecture At The Clark

http://antiquesandthearts.com/Antiques/TradeTalk/2008-08-26__12-59-49.html Edward Steichen, ‘Moonlit landscape’, 1903, or “the art of painting softly” . These well-chosen terms were the subtitle of a past exhibition at the Clark’s Museum, Massachussets, about tonalist painters like Whistler, Inness and also Steichen. Steichen tried to … Continue reading

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PERIGUEUX journal et développement de sites internet à Périgueux, en Dordogne – Périgord, le pays du foie gras et de la truffe

http://www.periblog.fr/2008_12_01_archive.html By Edward Steichen (see post below), this ‘Pond-Moonlight’ (1904) is characteristic of his dreamlike early photography. I first mistook it for a painting! The colouring is handmade (he used light-sensitive gums; source:wikipedia).

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bailey russel : CATALOG

http://www.monarchartstudio.com/Artists/tatiana%20garmendia/bailey%20russel/baileyrusselcatf.html Bailey Russel (photographic studies in New York; lives in Seattle). I wonder how he achieves such “solarised” effect? The site explains that the photogapher uses a custom-built camera obscura, but surely this has nothing to do with such result? … Continue reading

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Roads and rain: photographs by Abbas Kiarostami | Art and design | guardian.co.uk

http://www.guardian.co.uk/artanddesign/gallery/2009/may/19/abbas-kiarostami-photography-exhibition?picture=347597600 The Iranian film director Abbas Kiarostami ( Tehran, Iran 1940) is also a remarquable photographer. I like this black and white composition, its minimalism and its strict geometry. There is rythm in that vast landscape, black-white, black-white…up into the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mason Murer Fine Art: James McLaughlin Way

http://www.masonmurer.com/artists/way_james/09207.htm A remarquable play of light and shadow in this unusual monochrome painting by James McLaughlin Way, an illustrator and graphist based in Atlanta (USA). ‘The Laughter of Basil & Carnations’, 2009.

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http://www.brianlasagarealism.com/Homepage_UDY6.html When I discovered these typical Canadian landscapes, their flora and fauna, I had a sudden bout of nostalgy for my youth as a young parent in Ontario (a long time ago!). Brian LaSaga paints his Newfoundland with precision and … Continue reading

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http://www.philipayers.com/images/ONPAPER/waterclr_drawng/index.html Philip Ayers, ‘Trees’, 2002; ink and graphite on paper. See also his remarquable foliages in the painting section of the site and here.

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http://www.jameschronister.com/works_001.html?photo=10 Can you believe it? This is oil on canvas, and not any pencil drawing… ‘Untitled (Large Snowy Forest2)’ 2009. …and this one is no photography ! Magnified details on the site show the artist’s technique ( very close to … Continue reading

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Evelien Hiele

http://evelienhiele.blogspot.com/ Evelien Hiele is a young Belgian artist ( Poperinge, 1984 ), who paints enigmatic landscapes. One gets the impression that the scenes were discovered by an alien who later tried to reproduce them but without any clue to understand … Continue reading

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http://www.forumgallery.com/current_off1.php?id=184&imagenum=3 Anthony Mitri ‘Space in the Lower East Side, Manhattan’,2007. This artist has a velvety touch; look at the ground and the fluffy foliage! (March 2011.Click on the image for link to the artist’s new site and enlarging; this post’s … Continue reading

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