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http://www.sabraham-sculpture.com/interiorsculpture.html Illusion of softness in this marble work of Susan Abraham. Title: ‘Pressing Thoughts’.

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Yoshin Ogata – Sculptor

http://www.yoshinogata.com/gallery_detail.php?id=57 Yoshin Ogata, ‘Mindscape3’,2006. I love these neat contrasts, and the well-chosen photo’s background .

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Beauty Holding Back Time by Donato Barcaglia | BEARDED ROMAN

http://beardedroman.com/?p=209 Look at the textures! ( the beard, the cloth…). Donato Barcaglia (Italian, 1849-1930) La Giovanezza che Tenta di Arrestare il Tempo ( Beauty Holding Back Time ).The sculptor was only 27 years old. For spectacular enlargement, have a look … Continue reading

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Home at The Met Store

http://www.metmuseum.org/store/st_beautyShop_Page.asp/familyID/%7BCE4FE1B5-8F43-47CA-BF44-51EAEBB820E9%7D/FromPage/catSculpture/catID/%7BEF58F4D7-8B11-11D3-9367-00902786BF44%7D/familyNo/callFromRelViewer/SpecialPermFlag/FromSearch/ Here is an example of the abstact art of the Cyclades, although the figures were painted at the time and thus less appealing to our modern taste, probably!

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