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mark davies sculpture

          Mark Davies.  Many thanks, Frannyy!           Title: ‘Kudu to you’ (!) Urethane, cadmium.                

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BOZAR – Cobra &Cie

http://www.bozar.be/activity_gallery.php?id=8291 Serge Vandercam, Belgium, 1924 -2005, member of ‘Cobra’ in the fifties. Broken bars, but prison and prisoner are one. ‘Le Prisonnier’ (the prisoner), 1970, aquatint and drypoint.

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Franciam Charlot

http://www.espritsnomades.com/artsplastiques/charlotfranciam/franciamcharlot.html Franciam Charlot,1957, paints and draws our fears. He lives in Toulouse, France. “At that precise moment when his head hit the ground, he realised that his body was heavier than his dream” (Pierre Reverdy, cited in French on the … Continue reading

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PKG | Sylvia Safdie

http://www.paulkuhngallery.com/galleryimages.cfm?artistid=24&galleryid=2 Sylvia Safdie, Lebanon 1942, lives in Montreal, Canada. From the page: “Safdie paints with the earth. Earth is collected in small earthen bowls. For the artist, the earth constitutes the rawest of raw materials: the original source from which … Continue reading

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Mark Sheinkman , vaporous ribbons.

            Mark Sheinkman, born in New York, 1963.                 ’04 11 07′ , 2007, oil, alkyd and graphite on canvas.                

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Takesada Matsutani | ARTIST | COHJU contemporary art

http://www.cohju.co.jp/en/artist/matsutani.html Takesada Matsutani (Osaka 1937, lives in Paris) creates 3D works on canvas, using pencil, very dark watercolour pigments, japanese paper and vinyl glue. A mysterious sensuality emerges from that deep black . ‘Germination’, 1990.

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Jan Van Mechelen

http://www.janvanmechelen.com/faces.cfm Jan Van Mechelen (lives in Heverlee (Leuven),Belgium. Difficult to define. Half drawings, half paintings, these works grow on you and become fascinating; you feel you are entering a mysteriously silent world where enigmatic faces and bodies seem to be … Continue reading

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http://www.galerie-lelong.com/newyork/fr_newyork.htm Jaume Plensa (Barcelona 1955-).’ In the Midst of Dreams’, 2009. Polyester resin, fiberglass, stainless steel, marble pebbles, light. This group is far more spectacular on the artist’s site: here.

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David Leleus drawings

http://davidleleusdrawings.blogspot.com/ David Leleu (France, 1973), ‘Klaxon’, 2009, from the serie ‘Cabinet de Curiosites’ (curiosities’cabinet). I like these impressions of transparencies. Does he play with an eraser? From the site: (Its source beeing the internet…the) ” drawing will be realized using … Continue reading

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Claudio Parmiggiani chez Pierre Retelet : illustrations.

http://www.art-memoires.com/lmter/l4951/50il_parmiggiani222.htm Claudio Parmiggiani,Torino, ‘Sans titre’ (no title),2004. Smoke and soot on wood .Photo:L.Mascherpa. This is also unusual. The artist plays with smoke and some objects. He obtains then ghostlike shapes that are photographed. An exhibition called ‘Claudio parmiggiani, l’empreinte comme … Continue reading

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Michal Rovner: Border #8 (1999.240) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/hd/almi/ho_1999.240.htm Michal Rovner (Israel,1957), ‘Border n8’,1997-8. From the site: “…Rovner often marries photography, video, digital art, and painting … This technological fluency helps her generate pictures of unusual authority and resonance: fusions of the real and the imaginary as familiar … Continue reading

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National Portrait Gallery – Gerhard Richter Portraits

http://www.npg.org.uk:8080/richter/index.htm I like this recent (2007) portrait of ‘Ella’, the youngest daugther of the famous german painter Gerhard Richter ( Dresden, 1932-), exhibited till end of May in the National Portrait Gallery in London. The typical Richter’s ‘blur’ intensifies the … Continue reading

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http://www.artfacmetz.com/photos/l3_moi_je_te_vois/thomas.html This is a student work (Metz art faculty, France). The proposed theme was:’Moi, je te vois’ (I am seeing you). Fanny Thomas transformed the famous painting of the Arnolfini couple (Van Eyck) into a kind of timeless peep-show. After … Continue reading

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http://www.mchildcontemporary.com/april05/max/FromATrailTaken.jpg On the same site as the previous painter, Ilona Zaremba (Poland-Canada) uses an elaborate technique. From the site:”(she) first (uses) a brush to build up multiple layers of hot wax tinted with oil paint and dry pigments, and then … Continue reading

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Doug and Mike Starn – “Structure of Thought #5” at Torch Gallery – Artwork details at artnet

http://www.artnet.com/Galleries/Artwork_Detail.asp?G=&gid=1055&which=&ViewArtistBy=online&aid=649924&wid=152337&source=artist&rta=http://www.artnet.com I like the carefully precise rectangles of this arborescence, called ‘Stucture of Thought n5’. I can’t but think that the tumult of unruly thinking ( the confused mass of boughs ) had to be mastered somehow! A paper work … Continue reading

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http://www.freynorris.com/artwork.php?aid=15&PageNum=12 Contemporary Korea again with this Lego-on-plywood work. Inkie Whang, like many asian artists it seems to me ( see Jao Lu, also Bae Bien-U, Don Hong-Oai and Chin-son Long) wishes to link tradition and modernity. He found his inspiration … Continue reading

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http://www.peterdrakeartist.com/SuburbanFolder/largehtml/framing.html Peter Drake, ‘Framing’.Unusual technique here:the artist scrapes away the pigments through his several preparatory layers. Eerie effect. I owe the link to Aluis, thank you; attractive links on your pages.

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Chris Natrop :: Artist

http://www.chrisnatrop.com/ Attractive play of light and shadow in this papercuts’installation .Chris Natrop. ‘And further the dewdrop falls’, 2008.

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vanna bowles sculpture

http://www.vannabowles.com/sculpture/02.html This animated paper sculpture from Vanna Bowles reminds me of a play I saw years ago , ‘Waiting for Godot’ ( Samuel Beckett http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waiting_for_Godot ). The stage director had put his two characters in dustbins, insisting so on their … Continue reading

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http://img67.imageshack.us/my.php?image=meurrens02g18ed7c0cp6.jpg Judith Meurrens (Belgium) was born in Africa and one finds in her paintings dreamy memories of times past, fragments of other colours and shapes. It is subtle and luminous; light and expressive: http://www.galeriepierrehallet.com/judithmeurrens.html.

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