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Hervé Martijn

http://www.hervemartijn.com/2010.html Herve Martijn, Avelgem, Belgium, 1961. ‘Never compare’, 2010. From 2007 to 2011, this site tells a story. We get fragments of life; but we lack the key to understand their mystery. Do we have the key to understand our … Continue reading

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The Hereford Photography Festival – introduction

http://www.photofest.org/2008/exhibits2008.htm A very symbolic ‘Twirling Wires’ from the serie ‘Shadow Chamber’ by Roger Ballen, a South-African geologist turned photogapher. He was born in New York ,1950. More images here ( and in-depth analysis in both english and french).

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Tiina Heiska – Paintings

     http://www.tiinaheiska.fi/paintings/hotel.html Tiina Heiska, Helsinki (Finland), 1959. Movements caught in a split second: the blurred paint seems to try and catch a moment that is already gone. We feel indiscreet, facing mysterious fragments of a life full of secrets … Continue reading

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Autumn: Photo by Photographer Przemyslaw Kruk – photo.net

http://photo.net/photodb/photo?photo_id=9721219 Where is she going? ‘Autumn’, Przemyslav Kruk. Perhaps mist, perhaps deliberate blurring of background enhances the tension of the character’s lines. It forces us to wonder about her destiny and our own mortality. Yes, where are we going?

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http://www.espritsnomades.com/artsplastiques/galerieleon/pages/15-70×47%20cm.htm Blurred scenes, anonymous shadows rushing to what? their destiny? This painter – Leon Diaz-Ronda, born in Madrid, 1936- is not young anymore and thus keeps a distance from our vain running forward. It is a reflexion about life, the … Continue reading

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http://1.bp.blogspot.com/_FBErSbYQocs/SsWskUiEY2I/AAAAAAAADz8/Q89mkBqbdYY/s1600-h/AA12_biekedepoorteroemenia29-47.jpg I just read that a young belgian student got the prestigious Magnum Expression Award. I find her work amazing, full of social sensitivity and composed by a painter’s eyes . Bieke Depoorter.From the series ‘Oe Menia-With Me, Russia’ 2008-2009. … Continue reading

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http://www.salarusinyol.net/eng/exhibitions/2007-11_eng.html Irakli Chogovadze (Georgia, 1969),’Nocturnal Trip’. His smooth, unexpressive characters seem to err in an anachronic world, like displaced icons.

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Large image | Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts | Museum and School | 1805

http://www.pafa.org/Museum/The-Collection/View-All-Works/Large-image/91/coltypeId__3/PageIndex__13/colId__7299/ Oppressive colours in a claustrophobic room perfect for ‘The Gossips’,1940-41, by Hobson Pittman (1899/90-1972).

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2004/2007 : Dominique Van den Bergh

http://www.dominique-vandenbergh.be/index.php?/2007/20042007/ The strange,dreamy transparencies of Dominique Van Den Bergh (Antwerp,Belgium,1962). No title nor technique indicated,2004-08. Her evanescent characters seem ill at ease,in a world full of disquieting shadows. Sometimes, her world gets frankly menacing, as in this wash-drawing, or in … Continue reading

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Igor Melnikov PORTRAITS None melnikov russian conteporary art

http://www.melnikovart.com/detailCtl.cfm?InventoryID=481 This is a human head carefully drawed, but not a portrait. There is a story left for us to imagine, a mystery hidden under the straw hat. It looks like an overturned nest, and a lost youngster. Igor Melnikov … Continue reading

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Horvatland – Frank Horvat Photography: Entre Vues – Eva Rubinstein

http://www.horvatland.com/pages/entrevues/10-rubinstein-en_en.htm The construction, and the black and white contrast lead us to concentrate on a story. Unusual subject, a little mysterious (this is not a baby; is she playing with a doll ? she looks too old ; and what … Continue reading

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