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Antiques and the Arts Online – Japanese Art’s Influence On American Artists At Sept. 7 Lecture At The Clark

http://antiquesandthearts.com/Antiques/TradeTalk/2008-08-26__12-59-49.html Edward Steichen, ‘Moonlit landscape’, 1903, or “the art of painting softly” . These well-chosen terms were the subtitle of a past exhibition at the Clark’s Museum, Massachussets, about tonalist painters like Whistler, Inness and also Steichen. Steichen tried to … Continue reading

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http://album-photo.geo.fr/ap/album/13326?pos=11 It is called ‘Vie interieure'(inner life). It is amazing how a few rhythmical dots of colours can so powerfully suggest the mysteries of those lives hiding beyond lighted windows in the dark. The photographer’s identification is PHCDM, his album … Continue reading

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Fine Arts in Hungary – Image Viewer

http://www.hung-art.hu/supporte/viewer/z.html Tivadar Csontary-Kosztka (Hungary,1853-1919), ‘The Eastern Railway Station at Night’ (1902). The eerie greenish light creates mystery around the building; the scene is simplified, only lights and lines, a bit hazy: a very expressive night vision. It makes me think … Continue reading

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