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Flowers Galleries: Artists – John Kirby

http://www.flowersgalleries.com/artists/118-artists/3800-john-kirby/ John Kirby, Liverpool 1949, ‘Lost Child’ 1998. A disturbing, androgynous child. The characters portrayed by the artist look at you so impenetrably that they seem half alive. Kirby paints things unsaid, secrets, and deep loneliness. Haunting. Advertisements

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Waddingtons& & Joyner Waddingtons Canadian Fine Art Auction & 22 November 2010

http://joyner.waddingtons.ca/articles/highlights-nov-1995/ Jean-Paul Lemieux (Quebec,1904-1990). The first picture comes from the November page of my Canadian calendar. I love that vast snowy landscape with the solitary child in a sunny coat. It doesn’t seem to warm her up. She looks lost … Continue reading

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Antiques and the Arts Online – Japanese Art’s Influence On American Artists At Sept. 7 Lecture At The Clark

http://antiquesandthearts.com/Antiques/TradeTalk/2008-08-26__12-59-49.html Edward Steichen, ‘Moonlit landscape’, 1903, or “the art of painting softly” . These well-chosen terms were the subtitle of a past exhibition at the Clark’s Museum, Massachussets, about tonalist painters like Whistler, Inness and also Steichen. Steichen tried to … Continue reading

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Michael de Kok – Homepage [EN]

http://www.michaeldekok.nl/home_en.html It is large; mostly empty; I feel that one can breathe in there if you see what I mean. Michael de Kok (The Netherlands 1958) paints simplified landscapes. Their vastness seems to come from these bold lines and the … Continue reading

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Welcome to Mason Murer Fine Art: James McLaughlin Way

http://www.masonmurer.com/artists/way_james/09207.htm A remarquable play of light and shadow in this unusual monochrome painting by James McLaughlin Way, an illustrator and graphist based in Atlanta (USA). ‘The Laughter of Basil & Carnations’, 2009.

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Paintings in Oil: October 2007

http://neilhollingsworth.blogspot.com/2007_10_01_archive.html These extraordinary photo-realistic oil paintings come from the blog of James Neil Hollingsworth (Atlanta, USA). The ‘Brown Paper Bags’ are also an oil work, by his wife Karen. She is an artist I like, whose favourite subjects are softly … Continue reading

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Tate Modern | Giorgio Morandi Exhibition

http://www.tate.org.uk/modern/exhibitions/morandi.htm Several years ago, I visited an exhibition of paintings by Giorgio Morandi (Italy, 1890-1964) in Bologna, his hometown. Anonymous glasses, plates, vases…I thought I’d get bored fast! – I wasn’t. The artist used soft brown, yellow, blue, grey, and … Continue reading

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http://gallery-tsubaki.jp/artist/sachie_horigome/01.htm Such subtle transparencies and delicate hues in these ‘Bottles’ ( 2007 ) ! Sachie Horigome ( Japan, Miyagi 1981 ).

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http://www.jameschronister.com/works_001.html?photo=10 Can you believe it? This is oil on canvas, and not any pencil drawing… ‘Untitled (Large Snowy Forest2)’ 2009. …and this one is no photography ! Magnified details on the site show the artist’s technique ( very close to … Continue reading

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http://www.galerie-du-fleuve.com/artistes-oeuvres.asp?IDLigne=75&NomCat=Peintres Empty corridors, empty rooms, empty souls: a no-life in soft grey elegance. Genevieve Dael (Paris 1947-). I find interesting that her titles for three landscapes on this site allude to ontological uncertainty (‘L’azur noir’- black azure; ‘Entre chien et … Continue reading

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Koen van den Broek – selected works

http://users.telenet.be/koenvandenbroek/index001.html The painter Koen van den Broeck (1973-, lives near Antwerp) is Belgian, young and seems to have found a style. He works from photographs, his nose on the ground apparently! Shadows on streets, fragments of sidewalks, cracks on the … Continue reading

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http://cybermuse.beaux-arts.ca/cybermuse/search/artist_work_e.jsp?iartistid=599 What do you see, black holes or black objects? Paul-Emile Borduas (1905-1960), his student Jean-Paul Riopelle (1923-2002) and Alfred Pellan (1906-1988)were three influential painters in Canada. All three studied in Paris; all three turned to abstraction; all three had … Continue reading

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Artwork Page: The Wheel II

http://cybermuse.beaux-arts.ca/cybermuse/search/artwork_e.jsp?mkey=4174 This is an energetic abstract, but well organized. Don’t you believe me? I was told one day while standing perplexed in front of some Pollock, to look only at one colour at a time. Sometimes (“sometimes” is right!) something … Continue reading

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Artwork Page: Desire in the Light of the Moon

http://cybermuse.beaux-arts.ca/cybermuse/search/artwork_e.jsp?mkey=3590 Alfred Pellan (Quebec),1906-1988. ‘Desir au clair de la lune’, 1937 (desire in the light of the moon). From the pages:”The art of Alfred Pellan progressed from representational images to abstracted simplified forms and surrealist images.” “…(he was influenced by) … Continue reading

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Karin Rabuka – Works

http://www.karinrabuka.com/works-js.shtml A contemporary canadian landscape painter with a critical eye and a sense of humour: Karin Kabuka, ‘Sign on Audrey Road’, 2006 (lives in Ottawa). She uses “a lighthearted visual style of painting that is… easy to look at through … Continue reading

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http://www.mnba.qc.ca/upload/public/ImagePhysique/771.jpg After a trip to Canada, I’m still engrossed by canadian painting. A great number of their winter landscapes is pleasantly colourful, like this detail of ‘Matinee d’hiver a Baie-Saint-Paul’ (winter morning in Baie St-P) by Clarence Gagnon (Quebec),made between … Continue reading

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Vancouver Art Gallery – Emily Carr – Tree Trunk

http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/EmilyCarr/en/popups/pop_large_en.php?worksID=1116 Emily Carr, Victoria BC, Canada 1871-1945. She builds strong, stylised landscapes, with a style of her own that was influenced though by The Group of Seven, and notably Lawren Harris (see her ‘Tree Trunk’ and Harris ‘North Shore Lake … Continue reading

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Artist Gallery: L.L. FitzGerald

http://cybermuse.gallery.ca/cybermuse/search/artist_work_e.jsp?iartistid=1784 L.L.Fitzgerald was born and bred in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada(1890), where he died in 1956. This site offers his drawings and etchings as well as some paintings. I am surprised at the differences of style; he navigates between light, delicate, … Continue reading

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Pine Tree and Red House, Winter, City Painting II by Lawren Harris

http://www.museumsyndicate.com/item.php?item=21490 In the same year 1924, Lawren Harris (1885-1970)painted this colourful ‘Pine Tree and Red House,Winter,City Painting II’. Again, clear simple curved lines that give structure and cohesion to all that snow; so much so that despite the large vermilion … Continue reading

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Early Snow

http://www.virtualmuseum.ca/Exhibitions/Landscapes/popup.php3?language=1&image=img01maw Tom Thomson (1877-1917),’Early Snow’, 1916. It is found in the collections of The Winnipeg Art Gallery. From the page: “Early Snow speaks of Canada’s search for national identity in the early 20th century. Seeking to create a truly Canadian … Continue reading

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