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More Blue: The Reed Flute Cave in China.

              Some more blue, anyone?       China, Guanxi Province, Guilin, Reed Flute Cave.   Photographer: Michel Soms, 2010. The blue light is artificial (and you can see a lamp in the low … Continue reading

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Chris Beetles, photography.

          Edward Weston, USA 1886-1958, ‘Pepper’, 1930. See the estate site here.       A natural oddity, a creative use of light and voila! a voluptuous image.                 … Continue reading

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masnich9s reviews – StumbleUpon

http://masnich9.stumbleupon.com/reviews/80/ Masnich9 is a blogger with an eye for the unusual. It’s art, it’s fun, you keep turning the pages with a smile. (By the way, pictures of this canyon are numerous on the Net; always in colour – magnificent … Continue reading

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perses deviantART gallery

http://perse.deviantart.com/gallery?offset=48 A fading image of a lost dream. Elegant. Found via Frannyy; thank you. PerSe, rivers-arms, 2008-2011 on DeviantART

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Kuriositas: Ghost by Marco Brambilla

http://www.kuriositas.com/2010/08/ghost-by-marco-brambilla.html Do have a look at the disturbing video on the page. Marco Brambilla ( Milano 1960; studied in Canada, lives in USA ) uses a succession of photos to destroy and rebuild a woman’s head. She seems to wake … Continue reading

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Gerald Peters Gallery | Exhibitions

http://www.gpgallery.com/exhibitions/view/164 J Henry Fair , industrial waste (fertiliser), Bartow, FL. When the landscape looses any natural aspect and becomes abstraction.

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Golden Well : Fine Art : Transient Light

http://www.transientlight.co.uk/photo.php?id=278&gallery=fineart Ian Cameron, ‘Golden Well’. From the page: ” I found a number of these little golden wells at the base of a waterfall in Kinlochourn. Where the water had filled them they were almost irridescent but around the edges … Continue reading

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Gerco de Ruijter

http://www.gercoderuijter.nl/ Gerco de Ruijter (The Netherlands, 1961) explores the highly geometrical Dutch landscape from the sky, using a helio-blimp camera ( or even a fishing rod sometimes!). Nature versus Culture. A very organised landscape.

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Agence VU – Bernard Descamps

http://www.agencevu.com/photographers/photographer.php?id=27 Bernard Descamp is a former French biologist turned photographer in the seventies. I love the delicate, symmetrical graphism of this landscape; the thin vertical lines seem to float in the air; the soft grey of tranquil waters are one … Continue reading

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Olivier van Rossum

http://www.oliviervanrossum.be/ You are entering a world of shadows and sudden lights, of moving time, of moments already passed; you will try to grasp a flitting vision in a fugitive instant.

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R&my Marlot: Rodin


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fran&ois goffin – photographies

http://www.francoisgoffin.com/FR/photo.php?gallery=4&numPhoto=0 The portfolio is called ‘Les choses simples’ (simple things). The word that comes to mind is also serendipity; the photographer seems to stumble upon an appealing everyday scene and click on the button. Simple, perhaps, but full of poetical … Continue reading

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http://www.hansstrand.com/Hans_Strand/News.html Hans Strand, Aerial of River Delta, Iceland, July 2009. Strand has been this year’s winner in the European Wildlife Photography competition.

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Artiste – David Allemand

http://www.artisho.com/David-Allemand David Allemand (France,1970)’Cincle Plongeur’ (cinclus-cinclus (lat), dipper(en), also called merle d’eau in french). This smallish bird hunts insects by walking upstream on pebbly rivers; it can be spectacular, I saw some taking unwanted showers! “I search for graphism and … Continue reading

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Ethereal : Galleries : Art in Nature Photography

http://www.artinnaturephotography.com/photo.php?id=184&gallery=galleries Floris van Breugel (PhD student at CalTech, USA), ‘Ethereal’, 2009, Aspens, Eastern Sierra , California. From the page: “a combination of the high key (bright) exposure and my moving the lens halfway through the exposure created the ghostly ethereal … Continue reading

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A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.5, 2008: Noriko Ambe

http://www.norikoambe.com/works/2008w0008p02.html Noriko Ambe, Japan 1967,detail of ‘A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.5’, 2008. Yupo papercut (synthetic water resistant paper). Wonderful photography as well! Is the beauty of this kind of image due to the object or to the photographer? photo: … Continue reading

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Robert Weingarten

http://robertweingarten.com/ Here are two portraitists, and the first one portrayed the second one. It seems to me that the photographer thinks like a painter ( adding and substracting this and that), whereas the painter acts like contemporary photographers (the pixellisation)! … Continue reading

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Imageshack – 26oct2010unmatinofumela.jpg

http://img819.imageshack.us/f/26oct2010unmatinofumela.jpg/ The wind blowed misty wisps downriver early this morning. It transformed the landscape into a romantic postcard.

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Soft Spoken Secrets

http://soonwellbeffound.tumblr.com/post/702202673/thedailywhat-this-is-the-worst-of-the-day-a The deadly beauty of a Pollock-style polluted wave in Alabama. Photographer: Dave Martin,AP.

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Tom Vani | photography

http://www.tomvani.com/ Tom Vani, from the well-named serie ‘Ocean Galaxies’. A fantastic Milky Way where the white foamy rivulets seem to have a life of their own , surging from a deep, black infinity. .

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