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Photo in the News: Rare &Rainbow& Spotted Over Idaho

http://news.nationalgeographic.com/news/2006/06/060619-rainbow-fire.html Prismatic ice rainbow, a rare phenomenon! It asks for three conditions: high-altitude cirrus clouds, a sun at more than 58° above the horizon, and a parallel orientation of earth and the surfaces of ice particles in the cirrus. ( … Continue reading

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Westwood Lake Park, Nanaimo

http://www.greatervancouverparks.com/WestwoodLake01.html Spectacular red bark peeling off pistachio green (Arbutus menziesii).It was used by the Salish population on Vancouver Island (CDN) for medecine and tanning.

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http://www.ingenious.org.uk/site.asp?s=S2&DCID=10306374 Don’t you like old scientific books’illustrations? It has the charm of precise works made with care and patience ; it brings us back to a time when there was time (not for everyone); when I open such books, I … Continue reading

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http://papercuts.blogs.nytimes.com/author/ditzkoff/2008/03/27/ About teleportation, timetravel and precognition , a few comments by Michio Kaku, a theoretical physicist author of ‘Physics of the Impossible’. There I was, waiting in airports long queues, hoping to be able to tell ‘beam me up’ in … Continue reading

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http://www.mrs.org/s_mrs/doc.asp?CID=1803&DID=171434 Volcanic eruptions on Io ( Jupiter’s satellite) wouldn’t you think ? Well, these are nano-explosions, presented by Fanny Beron (Ecole Polytechnique ,Montreal) at the Materials Research Society meeting last fall .She won the competition ‘Science and Art’ – For … Continue reading

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Recherche – research*eu – NumĂ©ro spĂ©cial – Satellite – Septembre 2007 – La Terre, une Ĺ“uvre dart

http://ec.europa.eu/research/research-eu/sat/expo_fr.html It looks like an abstact painting; it is actually a satellite picture ( MOMS-700km ) used by geologists to detect water in arid zones, here , the “wadis” (ancient rivers covered by sand ) of Saudi Arabia . The … Continue reading

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