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Janine Flynn

http://janineflynn.com/blog/ Janine Flynn (this is her recommended SU address), an artist herself (pencil drawing) shares with us her insights about creativity on her personal blog. Places and their representations, objects and their transformations…all this becomes alive on her pages, in … Continue reading

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The Art of Dale Enochs, Bloomington Indiana

http://www.daleenochs.com/sculpture_wall.html Fascinating. A fractured human figure with all its convoluted complexity in search of lost integrity, with holes to fill. This is how I read ‘In search of Oz’, by Dale Enoch aka Riujin1, a fellow stumbler. Thank you very … Continue reading

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http://www.sabraham-sculpture.com/interiorsculpture.html Illusion of softness in this marble work of Susan Abraham. Title: ‘Pressing Thoughts’.

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Black Stone

http://www.marblesculptress.com/gallery/blackstone.htm Arya sculpts marble, bronze and clay . A little too exuberantly for my taste, but there is a fluidity here that I like. Her site is beautiful, take your time and enjoy the music! A clay piece by the … Continue reading

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Sculpture of Ya&l-Artsi

http://www.artstream.nl/yael-artsi/sculp/b2.htm ‘In the Beginning’, Yael Artsi, 2000. Indian Red Granite. Roughness and smoothness; flux and stillness: all this creates a tension that gives life to the stone.

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http://www.knicki.com/ViewArtwork.php?category=New%20Artwork “An odd little carving”, says the site’s comment,”her breasts are the tail fin”. ‘SeaShe’, like most of the First Nation’s sculptures, illustrates a story, usually from ancient legends. In this case,I think Knicki (Calgary, CDN) chose the tale of … Continue reading

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http://members.lycos.nl/brigitkooijman/index_eng.html Brigit Kooijman sculpts mostly figurative or vaguely abstract soapstones. This one is called ‘Hearts’; it doesn’t appeal much to me. What I like here is the stone itself, with its creamy white whose layers play with light.

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Lahaina Galleries – Fine Art Galleries & Online – Mother and Child

http://www.lahainagalleries.com/?FULLVIEW&pid=126848 Holly Young, ‘Mother and Child’. Do you see the two heads and the engulfing arms ? I always marvel at the capacity of the human brain for supplying the missing details; and even more admire the artists’capacity of creating … Continue reading

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