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Tony Bowall, ‘Fellowship Panel – 20’, 2009.

            Tony Bowall is a self-taught photographer who works in Brighton (GB). He subtitled this photo with “Greek minimalism, Santorini, Greece”, but of course this work is beyond time and place, a remarquably well-built abstract. … Continue reading

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2011 june 1. Hans, aka Jean, Arp, Germany-France (Alsace) 1886-1966.

        The sensuality of curves…   ‘Coquille formee par une main humaine’ (handmade shell), plaster, coating, 1935. © Musée Pompidou, France.              

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African Mask.

      Found on the site: African Art Gallery L’oeil et la main, Paris.             Fang mask, Gabon, 19th century. The Ngil Society used to wear this type of mask when going to the … Continue reading

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Kimiko Yoshida – Photography, self-portraits.

          Kimiko Yoshida, born in Japan 1963, lives in France since 1995. Painted face, mask , veil, and quasi monochrome: the self is almost totally diluted in these photographic self-portraits impersonating a bride!       … Continue reading

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R&union des mus&es nationaux

http://www.photo.rmn.fr/cf/htm/CDocZ.aspx?o=&DT=ALB&E=2C6NU0K6983J&Pass=&Total=27&Pic=2&SubE=2C6NU0KX32L7 Keystone, Cluny Abbey, Paris ; 13th century and forever modern. Serene equilibrium, curves and lines. photography:Jean-Gilles Berizzi.

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Simone Pheulpin à la galerie des Ateliers d’art – Qu’est-ce que l’art (aujourd’hui) ? – Blog LeMonde.fr

http://lucileee.blog.lemonde.fr/2011/02/02/simone-pheulpin-aux-ateliers-dart/ Simone Pheulpin (France). On her personal site, the artist declares: “The fold is the shape of memory itself. It narrates what is happening. It tells what took place here and there. The fold is not an image, it is … Continue reading

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The Funky Fungi Freak Show | Unusual Organisms | DISCOVER Magazine

http://discovermagazine.com/photos/24-the-funky-fungi-freak-show Nature’s art! A tree of life… Penicillin fungus (Penicillium Chrysogenum). Via Gladsdotter. Many thanks!

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Paper Sculpture – Annawili Highfield

http://www.annawilihighfield.com/cgi1/generate_section_Final.cgi?sesid=dntsid_03328gEPofLd3KVw&secno=65001&crc=70265776 Annawili Highfield. ‘Race Horse’, 2010. Ink, archival cotton paper,cotton thread,copper pipe,timber block. Seen on Tommy Kane’s pages, thank you!

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soliphilia – Ecological Impact in Porcelain by Kate Macdowell

http://www.greendiary.com/gallery/soliphilia_37329/ Kate MacDowell. ‘Soliphilia’ , handbuilt porcelain, 2010. Seen first on the pages of The Hungry Squire, thank you!

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LEBRUN Thérèse | wccbf

http://www.wcc-bf.org/les-membres/membres-associes/lebrun-therese/ Therese Lebrun,Belgium. Traces of past lives. ‘Coral’, paperclay.

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ImageShack&174; – Online Photo and Video Hosting

http://img818.imageshack.us/i/grimejameyviafrannyyscr.jpg/ Jamey Grimes. The artist has a site of the same name, but SU keeps rejecting the link. Thank you, Frannyy, again!

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A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.5, 2008: Noriko Ambe

http://www.norikoambe.com/works/2008w0008p02.html Noriko Ambe, Japan 1967,detail of ‘A Piece of Flat Globe Vol.5’, 2008. Yupo papercut (synthetic water resistant paper). Wonderful photography as well! Is the beauty of this kind of image due to the object or to the photographer? photo: … Continue reading

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Beauty Holding Back Time by Donato Barcaglia | BEARDED ROMAN

http://beardedroman.com/?p=209 Look at the textures! ( the beard, the cloth…). Donato Barcaglia (Italian, 1849-1930) La Giovanezza che Tenta di Arrestare il Tempo ( Beauty Holding Back Time ).The sculptor was only 27 years old. For spectacular enlargement, have a look … Continue reading

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Gerhard Richter & Art & Paintings & Abstracts & Abstracts 2005 onwards & White & 895-6

http://www.gerhard-richter.com/art/paintings/abstracts/detail.php?13932 I like this very much. The textured white pigment and the aluminum composite support play seductively with the light ; depending on the luminosity ( its source and direction ), this work looks probably different at each hour of … Continue reading

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