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Vincent MAUGER – Installations, dessins.

        Vincent Mauger, France 1976. Click on “Dossier presse-Press Release” on the site, you will find much more of the artist’s work in pdf.               No title, digital drawing in a … Continue reading

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LISA JONES, laser-cut organic shapes.

            Lisa Jones (GB, lives in Australia). She creates objects in organic shapes by laser cutting.           ‘Sigmoids Wings’, 2007. Laser cutting, wood.         Laser cutting , acrylic. … Continue reading

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Pol Bury: Rods on Round Background (1981.167) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/ho/11/euwl/ho_1981.167.htm Pol Bury ( Belgium 1922-),a piece of kinetic art. From the page: “This work is a wall sculpture, consisting of a textured wooden circle with protruding bunches of grass- or hairlike tendrils that are powered by a hidden motor. … Continue reading

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http://img162.imageshack.us/my.php?image=00951fa85gs6.png The fragmented world of Rosalie Gascoygne (Auckland 1917-Canberra 1999) ,in the same Roslyn Oxley Gallery. “Poplars”.She deconstructs objects ( here, roadsigns- and, beyond the aesthetic, their beeing signs and reflective doesn’t seem without meaning ) to rebuild them in … Continue reading

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http://img521.imageshack.us/my.php?image=woodsculpturebaden05203et3.png Another piece of wood carving by the same Paul Baden; I do like these curves. It is called” Crouched Man Hidden Talent”.

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http://img529.imageshack.us/my.php?image=woodsculpturebaden08207pu7.png Seductive picture of a favourite occupation. A laminated wood sculpture by Paul Baden (http://www.paulbaden.co.uk). Thank you, Mathewssj for the link to this site; this blogger has a large collection of romantic and realist paintings, as well as several sculpture … Continue reading

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M.C. Escher Mindscape

http://cybermuse.gallery.ca/cybermuse/youth/escher/gallery/slideshow/gallery0308_e.jsp I started stumbling, and here it is, an original Escher print whose copy is hanging in front of my desk! It makes me think of S.Lagerlöf and H.Chr.Andersen, with their tales of children flying on birds…It is called Day … Continue reading

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Wood Sculpture

http://www.lavaman.com/wood_sculpture.htm Intricated curves, sculpted by lavaman. Thank you wlady for leading me to this site ; you have a lovely art blog!

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Galileo- Wood Sculpture, Contemporary Art, Fine Art, Abstract Sculpture – Ipswich, MA

http://www.rootartist.com/galileo.htm Rather than sculpting them,David Flood dissects the wooden pieces to discover inner mysteries. This one is cherry wood.

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Red Oak Moebius

http://www.dpliv.com/lesscrug/red_oak_moebius.htm Another piece by the same Leslie Scruggs.

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http://www.dpliv.com/lesscrug/gallery3/Image11.htm Such dynamism and beautiful gleaming grain in this walnut sculpture by Leslie Scruggs!

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