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2011 june 3. Alfredo Longo, a Belgian sculptor and recycling artist.

  Alfredo Longo, Mons (Belgium), 1960. The artist’s site: here.               From nuts and bolts: the art of recycling!   Number 28 from the expressive serie ‘Taureaux’ ( bulls).           … Continue reading

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Gerald Dederen – Sculptor

            Gerald Dederen, Belgium 1957, lives in Brussels.           Original needlework, do not touch!       ‘Sculpture epingles soudees’2005 (welded needles).                

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http://www.krokingallery.com/images/sungtae14.jpg Park Sung-Tae, Korea 1960. Fragile existences and their shadows. Our life? ‘Love’, aluminum mesh 2003 Untitled (man and woman), stainless steel 2006.

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http://doates.com/ Denese Oates (Australia), ‘Ad Infinitum’. From the pages: “(she) is a Sydney-based sculptor who has been exhibiting for over thirty years. Her sculptures are often a mass of intertwined copper wires fashioned into abstracted organic forms, each piece beautifully … Continue reading

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Finnish National Gallery – Art Collections – Passio Musicae, Final Study for the Sibelius Monument

http://kokoelmat.fng.fi/wandora/w?imagenum=0&lang=en&action=gen&si=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.muusa.net%2FE42_Object_Identifier%2FA-2004-66&imagesize=1 In 1967,Helsinki chose a thirty tons fountain of hand-textured stainless steel tubes to celebrate Sibelius. Too abstract for the time? There were heated discussions against Eila Hiltunen’s work, although one can easily recognise a sound’s reproduction (or even flutes … Continue reading

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Wim Delvoye – Past Auction Results

http://www.artnet.com/Artists/LotDetailPage.aspx?lot_id=B069443F09E292E568F2A1CF12DF290D In my last post, I was talking about asian artists mixing ancient and modern cultural references. It made me think about the sulfurous inventive belgian artist Wim Delvoye. In his ‘Gothic Works’, he links well-known icons of art history … Continue reading

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http://www.tizianapriori.it/opere/suggestioni.htm Fantastic colours! Tiziana Priori paints on refined handcrafted nepalese paper (with herbs, foliage…)and glues it on rough iron scraps.

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Pol Bury: Rods on Round Background (1981.167) | Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History | The Metropolitan Museum of Art

http://www.metmuseum.org/toah/ho/11/euwl/ho_1981.167.htm Pol Bury ( Belgium 1922-),a piece of kinetic art. From the page: “This work is a wall sculpture, consisting of a textured wooden circle with protruding bunches of grass- or hairlike tendrils that are powered by a hidden motor. … Continue reading

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