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The Drawing Center – Viewing Program – Crit Streed

http://www.drawingcenter.org/viewingprogram/share_portfolio.cfm?pf=1183 Crit Streed (Christine Campbell), Iowa 1948. ‘The Geography of Drawing’11, 2004, sumi ink on tinted paper.

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Dezeen & Blog Archive & Cloud Lamps by Yu Jordy Fu

http://www.dezeen.com/2009/01/12/cloud-lamps-by-yu-jordy-fu/ Yu Jordi Fu (London), ‘Cloud Lamp’. Recycled paper and light source. You can even make a chandelier that way: ‘Cloud Walk’ (pretty name isn’t it?), by the same designer using traditional chinese papercut technique..

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David Leleus drawings

http://davidleleusdrawings.blogspot.com/ David Leleu (France, 1973), ‘Klaxon’, 2009, from the serie ‘Cabinet de Curiosites’ (curiosities’cabinet). I like these impressions of transparencies. Does he play with an eraser? From the site: (Its source beeing the internet…the) ” drawing will be realized using … Continue reading

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ACTE MéTAPHYSIQUE… Jean-Olivier Hucleux

http://www.blogg.org/blog-75876-date-2009-03-17-billet-acte_metaphysique____jean_olivier_hucleux-994430.html Jean-Olivier Hucleux,(France, 1923) ‘Double autoportrait’,1992. I first thought this was a photograph! I understand from the page that in 1989, Hucleux was accused of “fac-simile”, counterfeit of photography. Even Mitterand (the French president at the time) defended the hyper-realistic … Continue reading

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http://www.galleriacontinua.com/english/opera-dettaglio.html?id_artista=13&id_opera=2529&lang=e Sabrina Mezzaqui, Bologna 1964.’L’isola d’Arturo’ (Arturo’s island), 2003 ( a book by Elsa Morante, Einaudi edition).

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Doug and Mike Starn – “Structure of Thought #5” at Torch Gallery – Artwork details at artnet

http://www.artnet.com/Galleries/Artwork_Detail.asp?G=&gid=1055&which=&ViewArtistBy=online&aid=649924&wid=152337&source=artist&rta=http://www.artnet.com I like the carefully precise rectangles of this arborescence, called ‘Stucture of Thought n°5’. I can’t but think that the tumult of unruly thinking ( the confused mass of boughs ) had to be mastered somehow! A paper work … Continue reading

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http://www.tizianapriori.it/opere/suggestioni.htm Fantastic colours! Tiziana Priori paints on refined handcrafted nepalese paper (with herbs, foliage…)and glues it on rough iron scraps.

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Chris Natrop :: Artist

http://www.chrisnatrop.com/ Attractive play of light and shadow in this papercuts’installation .Chris Natrop. ‘And further the dewdrop falls’, 2008.

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vanna bowles sculpture

http://www.vannabowles.com/sculpture/02.html This animated paper sculpture from Vanna Bowles reminds me of a play I saw years ago , ‘Waiting for Godot’ ( Samuel Beckett http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Waiting_for_Godot ). The stage director had put his two characters in dustbins, insisting so on their … Continue reading

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Calligraphy by Denis Brown

http://www.quillskill.com/frameset/frameset.htm A beautifully presented piece of calligraphy mixed with glass engraving .Worth to click on , and see details.Thank you, gavinski for leading me to Denis Brown’s calligraphy.

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http://virtualgallery.birzeit.edu/tour/exhibition?id=315500 I like the unusual rich colours here , and the original ( and well-balanced ) construction . This ink on paper painting by M. el Hawajri is part of a serie called ‘Spirit and Perfumes ‘, presented on the … Continue reading

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