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Segmentation and Symptom – Interactive Art by Golan Levin and Collaborators Golan Levin, ‘Segmentation and Symptom’, 2000. It is the portrait of refugees, and the author used ” the delicate filigree of the Voronoi diagram” to express the “fragile condition (of the subject)”. It is a very symbolic expression, but … Continue reading

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Robert Weingarten Here are two portraitists, and the first one portrayed the second one. It seems to me that the photographer thinks like a painter ( adding and substracting this and that), whereas the painter acts like contemporary photographers (the pixellisation)! … Continue reading

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Onces reviews – StumbleUpon Images and poetry. Go, look and read. Slowly. And not only once.

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Imageshack – 26oct2010unmatinofumela.jpg The wind blowed misty wisps downriver early this morning. It transformed the landscape into a romantic postcard.

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Soft Spoken Secrets The deadly beauty of a Pollock-style polluted wave in Alabama. Photographer: Dave Martin,AP.

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Tom Vani | photography Tom Vani, from the well-named serie ‘Ocean Galaxies’. A fantastic Milky Way where the white foamy rivulets seem to have a life of their own , surging from a deep, black infinity. .

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