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Tom Vani | photography

http://www.tomvani.com/ Tom Vani, from the well-named serie ‘Ocean Galaxies’. A fantastic Milky Way where the white foamy rivulets seem to have a life of their own , surging from a deep, black infinity. .

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http://www.waynelevinimages.com/images/index.php?album=FISH%20SCHOOLS&image=Column%20of%20Akule%20%28SC-215%29.jpg Wayne Levin (Los Angeles 1945-), ‘Column of Akule’, ‘Fish School’ serie . (Hawai’ian fish, also known as “big-eyed scad”. ) Between order and chaos … animal order and human chaos. ‘Approaching Swimmers’,’New Images’ serie.

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http://img383.imageshack.us/my.php?image=deepoceanap8.jpg Speaking of waves crashing, this painting gives even more the impression of being oneself some piece of jetsam ! I am unable to read the name of the author, this image was floating all alone on the Net. Does … Continue reading

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